Introduction about the Yoobi Company

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1YOOBIIntroduction: About the companyYoobi is a stationery brand with its operations based in Australia and United States. Thebrand offers the users a variety of products that range from journals, to color crayons, pencils ,pens, to desk items and so on (Ciceo 2013). The company takes its corporate social responsibilityextremely seriously. Its mission is to provide stationery essentials to various students in Australiaand US. It conducts various campaigns to promote its product around the countries. With everypurchase made by the user the company donates a considerable amount to the charity.Kapferes brand identity modelFigure 1: Kapferer`s Brand Identity Prism (Source:Pich and Dean 2015)
2YOOBIKapferer believed that the brand should have its own identity and own characteristic aswell as belief. The Kapferer Brand Identity Prism elaborates and helps the marketer to give thecharacteristic, belief and identity to the brand. Identity.The six componentsBrand PhysiqueThe prism describes that the brand must have a physique. The physique of the brand maybe described as the qualities and special features, which a brand contains. It may the existingfeatures of the brand or the emerging ones. The physique of the brand must explain the physicalfeatures of the product and its prototype (Urde 2013). These features are evoked in people`smind when the brand name is mentioned. This aspect is the primary basis of the brand.Application of component on Yoobi:The Yoobi brand, as stated previously provides stationery items for the children as welladult. The brand provides personalized and appealing items. When the brand name is mentioned,a customer might like to describe it as cute and environmental friendly. Hence, it can be said thatits attractive appearance is the main feature.Brand PersonalityA brand has a personality also. When a brand communicates with the society, it tends tobuild up a character (Brečićet al.2013). The way a brand communicates with its customers isextremely important. These personality characteristics need to be implemented in the minds ofthe consumers. Very often, the brands rope in famous personalities to uplift the image of theconsumers.
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