Introduction. Art is the application of imagination and

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IntroductionArt is the application of imagination and creativity to create images or a sculpture that is to be appreciated for the emotional message it sends or its beautyThesis statement:Face to face by Laila Shawa is a painting that about a Palestinian suicide bomber who failed in her mission (Selen, 2016). The following points below are a critique of how best the artist portrayed her message and where she might have made mistakes. Body# 1I see color red dominating the painting, I think it means danger or a warning becausethe red color has always been associated with blood shade.I see neon the green color, I think it means hope and nature becausethe artists see hope in the girl in the picture and believes they can do better, something she did after being released from prison.I see the thorny cactus plant, I think it means the hardship and suffering becausethe lady in the picture may have gone through tough situation in Palestine to make them make the decision of being a suicide bomber.Body#2 I see a female in the picture, I think it mean the role of women in the society becausewomen are seen as the pillar of the society and are the most affected during war.I see a reflection of an image , I think it means the woman was conscious of her actions becauseshe did not change her mind even after realizing she is about to die.I see a woman strangling her own neck, I think it means making a personal sacrifice becausethe woman had decided to sacrifice her life for the sake of her belief.Body#3I see a lady looking up I think it means they are aware someone may be watching becausethe lady was looking for cctv cameras before pressing the trigger.I see an explosive belt, I think it means death or loss of life because(the girl actually wanted to sacrifice herself to kill so many people but fortunately the bomb failed.I see black color in the background, I think it means death becausethe girl wanted to end the life of other people.ConclusionThe artist expressed his creativity and portrayed the situation around the suicide bomber and the various factors associated to it (Zaidel, 2015). The colors used and images have the emotional power to describe the situation.

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