Introduction to Covid - 19 Assignment

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Introduction“At the end of December 2019, a disease named as COVID-19 has been first came intoexistence in Wuhan, China. CO means corona, VI means virus and D means DISEASE.World Health Organization (WHO) has named it COVID-19 with reference to ‘2019 novelcoronavirus. It is a new infectious disease that belongs to similar family of viruses such assevere Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS). Global world is experiencing a pandemic due toemergence of this new coronavirus i.e. SARS-Cov-2 called as COVID-19”(Kumar et al.,2020). “This virus has an ability to spread from infected person’s droplets released by his/hernose and mouth. The entire world is facing this this severe pandemic that affecting the humanbeings and economy adversely. The COVID-19 have a mild symptoms such as fever,difficulty in breathing, body pain and headache, loss of taste and smelling etc. While severesymptoms are organ failure and pneumonia that can cause to death”(Riou and Althaus,2020).“As the uncertainty caused by this pandemic has slowdown the economic activities soaggression towards COVID-19 pandemic is continuously growing all over the globe. No oneknows that how long the duration of COVID-19 would be. So health concerns are the mostessential agenda for all the countries and governments that requires to level up the standardsof health facilities until medical vaccination is not invented to cope with this crises(Keshkyet al., 2020). Since COVID-19 outbreak, the COVID-19 has been spread quickly within 215countries and surroundings. This pandemic created by this virus in a world’s history hadimpacted human lives, worldwide economy and international health system in a form ofremarkable and severe health crisis.(Mukarram, 2020).“In 2015, 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs) have been declared by United Nations.The deadline to achieve these goals are 2030. The purpose of this sustainable developmentagenda is to eliminate poverty, protect the environment and bring peace and prosperity withinthe countries. The objective behind this SDGs is to not only protect the human beings but allthe other living species in the globe. The socio-cultural environment and social equitypromoting policies are also greatly emphasizes by the SDGs”(Gulseven et al., 2020).The rapid spread of COVID-19 and on-going crises has enabled several states to take rapidactions like worldwide lockdown that has affected the global economy and people’s livesadversely. This report is basically aim to emphasize upon the Sustainable development goalsand how COVID-19 pandemic is impacting it in terms of contemporary conditions like social
community, environment and economy. Another purpose is to analyze the positive as well asnegative effects of COVID-19 on sustainable development goals caused by COVID-19 widespread pandemic all over the world. Moreover, how COVID-19 is affecting the progresstowards achieving these sustainable development goals in many nations will also be exploredin this report. In final Section, main body is based on recommendations to solve the issuesthat COVID-19 created in terms of sustainability development goals (SDGs).Main body:“The Sustainable development principle states that development should bemade in such a way that future generations ability to achieve their ownrequirements should not be compromise to meet the current requirements. It isrecognized by the Sustainable development principle that social, economic andenvironmental system must be interlinked to promote justice as well as equalityby empowering people and international citizenship”(Moffatt, 1996). COVID-19pandemic has greatly affecting these three main pillars.Source:(Moffatt, 1996)“The third international conference regarding sustainable development conducted by UnitedNations Conference on Sustainable Development (UNCSD) Which is called Rio 2012 toomainly emphasized to consider the international community’s environmental as well as socialgoals. Consequently, this conference has resulted into declaring the Sustainable Development
Goals in order to bring peace, harmony, remove poverty and injustice all over the globe”(Linnér and Selin, 2013).The sustainable development goals and COVID-19“The United Nations had approved sustainable development goals in 2015. Since its fiveyears implementation, various nations seems not effectively achieving such goals prior toCOVID-19 pandemic”(Sachs et al., 2019). “It seems that COVID-19 has impacted theinternational economy in a much intensive way. Its impacts are more enduring than theimpact of global financial crises” (2008-2009)(Behravesh and Rocha, 2020). Thedevelopment perspective of Less industrialized nations is seriously threatened by the effectsof COVID-19 and the need to focus on UN sustainable development goals has been realizedby 2030. UN provided an optimistic plan to combat the virus and make a world better(LealFilho et al., 2020).The UK government was also committed for accomplishing the UN’S SDGs. All the nationsaimed to concentrate upon three main pillar such as environmental, social and economicchallenges over the time. For this purpose, they presented 17 goals with 169 targets in orderto eliminate poverty and injustice, protect the environment, promote prosperity andinternational peace within the nations. These 17 goals have to achieve in 2030 known asAgenda 2030”(GA, 2015). To fight with COVID-19, this agenda suggests to set opencoordination and mutual actions among social, private as well as public sector with citizens.Source:(Gulseven et al., 2020)
Another name of sustainable development goals are Global Goals as it has replaced the 2001Millennium Development Goals in which just developing countries were covered. The SDGscovers the developed countries such as UK(Lee et al., 2016). As COVID-19 crises hasresulted into loss of education, increase in poverty, international health problems and so on.Thus, economy is suffering a lot because it seems difficult to achieve SDGs by 2030 leadingto great loss of returns for a private sector(Barbier and Burgess, 2020). To bring a positivechange, a mission based business plans are needed to take an action. SDGs are developed tosupport the economy’s future(van Tulder, 2018). The sustainable development goals (SDGs)considered as a global development agenda with having a unique characteristics thatprovides:(Van Zanten and Van Tulder, 2018)A common language as well as worldwide consensus regarding sustainabledevelopment practices(Assembly, 2015).Growth opportunities for businessopportunities for business intervention (where /avoiding-harm strategies are replacedby pro-active strategies, able to leverage purpose-driven business models)the space for the development of cross-sector partnerships – required for systemicchange - and effective joint action, towards collective prosperity(Van Zanten andVan Tulder, 2018)A reliable prediction of the long-term evolution of markets’ needs, of societydemands and general trends for the coming years, which can be used by companies asa market advantage.A consistent, transparent and effective communication to markets and stakeholders(Gore, 2015).The Impact of COVID-19 and the Sustainable Development GoalsAs everyone wants to get rid of this pandemic as soon as possible. In June 2020, 9.17 millionpeople have been tested positive for COVID-19, while 0.47 million have been died. Theremaining 3.79 are still struggling against this virus(Mukarram, 2020).Thus, this situationhas resulted into the global lockdown all over the world that is quickly affecting the economyas people are restricted to move because social distancing is considered as a only way to copewith this crises while medical experts didn’t invented any vaccine to deal with the pandemic.All this worldwide situation is affecting the economic activities badly”The Impact of COVID-19 on SDGs(Gulseven et al., 2020)
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