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INTRODUCTIONCommunication refers to the process of interacting with each otherfor the purpose of share information and convey the messages(DeVito, 2019). Communication barrier means breakdown in communication which lead to breakdown in co-ordination and understandingbetween employees. This poster will tell about the communication barriers, strategies for overcoming with it and awareness of cultural influencein Mr. Fishy Fish and Chips Company.INTRODUCTIONCommunication refers to the process of interacting with each other for the purpose of share information and conveys the messages(DeVito, 2019). Communication barrier means breakdown incommunication which lead to breakdown in co-ordination and understanding between employees. This poster will tell about the communication barriers, strategies for overcoming with it and awarenessof cultural influence in Mr. Fishy Fish and Chips Company.BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONAwareness of Cultural influencesCulture influences communication in many way.Culture refers to the values of people. Such values reflectthe action, behaviour and thinking ways of people. Everyculture has its own rules and norms which must be followby employees in the Mr. Fishy Fish and Chips organization.Due to cultural values, employees understand that how totalk and behave in the organization which lead them towork in a systematic manner. Like this, culture influenceemployees in a positive way. But due to differencesbetween culture, their way of thinking is different whichlead their reactions to one situation is also different whichlead to conflict between employees, because everyemployee has its own values. If in the point of view of oneemployee, something is right that does not mean that in theeyes of another employee, the same thing will be right. Thislead to creation of misunderstanding andmiscommunication between them and here, cultureinfluence Mr. Fishy Fish and Chips' workplace negatively(Chung, 2019).Communication Barriers at WorkplaceThere are various communication barriers whichcan be arise in the Mr. Fishy Fish and Chips Company.These communication barriers are as follows -Language Barrier– In the organization, there are Britishas well as Non-British workers who are from differentbackground and states. Everyone has their own cultureand every culture has its own language in which theinterpretation of common words can be differ. This leadsto creation of misunderstanding.Behaviour Barrier– Every culture has its own norms andrules which influence the behaviour of people. Behaviourreflects personality and communication too. Differencesbetween cultures lead to differences between behaviourwhich can results in communication breakdown in theorganization due to wrong interpretation of behaviourdone by person who are from different culturalbackground(Jelani and Nordin, 2019).Devise of Strategies for Overcoming withCommunication BarriersThere are various strategies which can be deviseand adopt by the Mr. Fishy Fish and Chips Company forthe purpose of overcoming with communication barriers.These various strategies are as follows -Language Training– Company should provide all theemployees language training in which the focus will beon the cultural language. So that in future if there iscommunication between employees who are fromdifferent culture, can understand each other's languageand do accurate interpretation of language and easilycommunicate with each other.Cultural Knowledge Training– Here, Company shouldprovide coaching and training to the employees in whichthe focus will be on the different types of cultures, theirvalues, beliefs and perception towards something. It willlead employees to understand and gain knowledge aboutothers' behaviour(Vettorel, 2019). It will lead to nomisunderstanding between them.REFERENCESChung, L.C., 2019. Crossing Boundaries: Cross‐CulturalCommunication.Cross‐Cultural Psychology:Contemporary Themes and Perspectives.pp.375-397.DeVito, J.A., 2019. The interpersonal communicationbook.Instructor.1. p.18.Jelani, F. and Nordin, N.S., 2019. Communication Issues at theWorkplace.International Journal of Modern Languagesand Applied Linguistics.1(1). pp.32-46.Vettorel, P., 2019. BELF, COMMUNICATION STRATEGIES ANDELT BUSINESSCONCLUSIONFrom the above study, it has been summarized thatcommunication is an essential part of the organization andindividual's life. Along with this, communication and culture arealso interrelated to each other in many ways. There are variousways and strategies through which communication issues andbarriers can be solved.
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