Introduction to Cultural Anthropology : Assignment

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Running head:CULTURAL ANTHROPOLOGY1NameCourseLecturerDate
CULTURAL ANTHROPOLOGY2Ethical issues faced by anthropologistsAnthropology is defined as the general study of human beings, their behavior and theirsociety both in the past periods and the present.[CITATION Ame16 \l 1033 ]On the other hand, ethical issues are situations that need individuals to make choices betweenalternatives and in this case they have to be evaluated as either morally right or wrong. Issuesconcerning the morals, beliefs, and norms range here. When anthropologists are studying, theyface some of the following issues.1.Safety, privacy and dignity issuesIssues concerning the safety, privacy and also the dignity of the participants-anthropologists are mainly involved in subjects that entail human beings participations andstudy. In the course studying these subjects, they are entitled to fieldwork whereby theirprimary specimen is a human being. It is essential that anthologists uphold the secrecy, thesafety, and dignity of all the people they come across in the course of their study.2.DiversificationWhen studying some subjects, anthropologists come across people of differentdiversification with different cultures and way of living. Sometimes it is fun to cope withsuch situation and some other times is challenging more so when it is displeasing accordingto one’s value. Therefore it is vital that anthropologists respect the practices by the partiesthey meet in the course of their subjects.3.Poor consent
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