Introduction to Ethics and ICT

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Running head: ETHICS AND ICTEthics and ICTName of the studentName of the UniversityAuthor note
1ETHICS AND ICTAnswer to question 1As an ICT professional, it is important to note the changes in the cultural merger betweentwo different organizations. In cases like this, there can be changes in the cultures. Thus, it isnecessary to integrate the cultural style into the new organization. The responsible personnelneed to identify the culture of both the organization and address accordingly (Ahern, Daminelliand Fracassi 2015). There can be many cultural issues due to this. Employees may feel a littleout of place due to this. As such, this might lead to a delay in the performance of the employeeconcerned leading to a delay in their professional career path. In addition, the new manager ofthe company may not consider the performance of the employee belonging to anotherorganization after the merger due to lack of noticing the employee. As such, it can also lead tochanges or hamper in the career path. This is the responsibility of the personnel responsible forchange management to make culture association get involved with mergers.Answer to question 2The scenario discussed can be ethically analyzed following the McDonald ethicalframework analysis. This analysis is subjective and focuses on each of the ethical questions thatcome into mind while considering the scenario. This framework is chosen mainly because themain objectives of the McDonald ethical framework involve collecting information andidentifying the associated problems. Another objective of this framework involves specifying thepresence of alternatives which can be applied. Moreover, this framework is also used to identifythe moral factors in each of the applied alternatives. Furthermore, it also involves testing of theresolutions such that it best fits the scenario (Kotalik et al. 2014). Lastly, based on the choice ofthe decision, the best alternative is chosen for the scenario.
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