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The Impact of Anti-Drink Drive Campaigns in Singapore

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Added on  2019-09-22

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This article discusses the impact of anti-drink drive campaigns in Singapore, with a focus on the 2014 STCars campaign. It includes a SWOT analysis of the campaign, information on the legal consequences of drink driving in Singapore, and statistics on drink driving incidents in the country.
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IntroductionEveryone drink for many different reasons, some for leisure, some due to peer pressure and some are feeling stress or depress. However when they start drinking and driving they become a threat to the society.Drink driving is one of the most selfish thing anyone can every do in the world. The driver not only affecting his own life, it causes injures and kills innocent people every day. It can be prevented and doesn't have to happen, but still does. Every time a drunk driver hits the road, they endanger everyone who is on the road.It is the main risk factor for road safety. Drinking and driving is greatly influenced by contemporary social attitudes towards the practice. Alcohol reduces your ability to make coordinated decisions in many different ways. A small quantity of alcohol can have different effects such as, poorer coordination and judgement, taking longer time to react resulting in reduction in vision, hearing and concentration. Different people reaction differently after they had alcohol. With the effect of alcohol, they tend to make rash decisions, and they tend to feel bolder. Those people who drink and drive will believe they are not as drunk as they actually are and they feel confident in themselves that they will be extra careful when they are driving to avoid accident. Some people enjoy the thrill of defiance. Some people also feel like rules are established specifically to subjugate them and won't to display their freedom as a statement to themselves and others. And some just sincerely disagree with the established rules, and feels that it is right to violate them.
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Existing Drive Drinking Campaigns in SingaporeThis Anti-drink drive campaign launched in 2014, 11 December by Singapore Road Safety Council, Traffic Police and STCars at Bang Bang, Pan Pacific Hotel. The campaign’s tagline was used since 2009, “Don’t drive to drink. And you’ll never drink and drive” to remind all driver the consequences of drunk driving. SWOT AnalyseStrength In this campaign event, they reaches out to the friends and family members, how can they play a part to help the motorist to avoid such an offence. It also aims to educate the motorists about drink driving, and to remind them to exercise personal responsibility. During the campaign event, they launched a few creative posters which their slogans are beneficial and simple. The slogans reveal the purpose of the campaign and keeping it simple by catchy and proven words.WeaknessAlthough the slogans reveal the purpose, however the posters are not strong and loud enough to send the message and it is not very attractive for one to take a another look atit. The posters lack of punch in delivering its intended message to the party goers wouldnot create a distinct image to the party goers. Furthermore, if these posters are placed near other promotional advertisements, the party goers would ignore the posters as there are too many campaigns vying for their attention.
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