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HRM1IntroductionThe WSQ framework is a nationwide credential system which is responsible forproviding services such as personal development, training, accessing and identifying thecompetencies of adult workers. These qualities are necessary for them to maintain theiremployment status. The VUCA environment is a combination of qualities which togethercharacterize some problematic situation or condition in a market. This report will criticallyevaluate the relationship between VUCA environment and WSQ framework.
HRM2WSQ FrameworkAs per Bound & Lin (2010), the Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications is createdon standards issued and validated by the Singapore Workforce Development Agency. Theprime goal of WSQ framework is to provide the necessary skills and knowledge to theworkers which they require to perform their job. The actions of WSQ framework isconnected with the standards of Industry Skills and Training Councils (ISTCs). The WSQframework provides clear progression pathways to the workers which they can use in order toupdate their skills as per the market standards and stay employed in adverse conditions.According to Lin & Bound (2011), the training and assessment conducted by WSQframework analyze the workers based on their competencies rather than academics, therefore,the before the certification, the employees are required to illustrate their skills. The WSQframework provides a certificate to experienced employees without the requirement oftraining. Every worker in Singapore can benefit from the WSQ framework since the entrycriteria focus on competencies rather than qualifications of employees.VUCA EnvironmentAs per Bennett & Lemoine (2014), it is an acronym for volatility, uncertainty,complexity, and ambiguity, combining they characterize the nature of some problematicmarket situations and conditions. The VUCA was first used by the government of UnitedStates at the end of Cold War, after that in the 1990s; the business sector started using it todefine the problematic conditions of the market. The VUCA environment concentrates on thebehavioral and system failures of individuals and groups which are related to theorganizational shortcomings. The volatility defines the deficiency of stability andopportunities which cause an unpredictable and instant change in the market, the factorscontributing change include digitalization, connectivity, competition, and trade liberalization.As per the research of Johansen & Euchner (2013), the uncertainty can be defined as adeficiency of predictability in the future events and issues, the process of managementdecision making affected by uncertainty due to lack of reliability of information. Thecomplexity defines the difficulty of the situation which causes due to rapidly changingenvironment which makes it near impossible to establish a connection between events. The
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