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Human Resource Management Assignment Study

Added on - 23 Mar 2020

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IntroductionHuman Resource Management is a complex system. Almost all large business organizationsthese days have an HR department and very often the people working their need to comprehendcomplex human behaviors and provide solutions to problems arising in a company due to thesame. This report entails the in-depth study, analysis and recommendations, if any, of a HumanResources problem in a business organization. For this report, the company chosen is theglobally recognized 7-Eleven convenience stores. 7-eleven is one of the leading conveniencestores across the globe. The wage scandal that this chain company has been a part of is wellknown and well hyped.This report is an attempt to research, study and analyze the wage scandal, discuss the variouspotential causes of the problem, and how it could have been avoided. There have a been a largenumber of newspaper articles, journals and reports that talk about evidences as to how theworkers in the company were being cheated by their own employers. Human resources is a vastfield and involves less of a scientific approach to analyze and solve problems related to humanbehaviors. The study of such cases becomes relevant for comprehension of human resourceproblems, why they occur or what causes them, how they get aggravated and how they can betackled, avoided or solved.Company backgroundWith its headquarters located in Irwing, Texas, 7- Eleven is some 90 years old.“Founded in1927 as an ice and beverage stand in Dallas, Texas, 7-Eleven was called a ‘Totem store’ by itsfounder[ CITATION Mat17 \l 1033 ]. In the year 1946, “The name changed from Tote’m Stores to7-Eleven to reflect the new extended hours[ CITATION 20117 \l 1033 ]”.This international chainhas around a total 56,600 stores and operates in about 18 countries worldwide. Although thecompany is American-Japanese, the parent company is located in Chiyoda, Japan and goes bythe name of 7- eleven Japan, co. Ltd. Bouncing back after being hit hard by the great depression,this company's success story is one of inspiration. In this report however, we shall discuss thewage scandal that 7 eleven was a part of.
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