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Mothercare 360 Campaign: A Situational Analysis, Objectives, and Strategy

Added on -2019-09-19

Mothercare plans to open a new gymnasium for women of all ages and support the launch with special marketing offers. This article provides a situational analysis, objectives, and strategy for the Mothercare 360 Campaign.
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IntroductionIn the 21st century, women have become more health conscious and are continuously finding ways tolook smart, trendy, slim and maintain their figure. However, most women who are expecting a childor who already have children have difficulty in maintaining the same beautiful shape they once had.The specialist brand retailer, Mothercare, has been around for more than 40 years and has alwaysdelivered on its promise of caring for women every step of the way. Now Mothercare wants to keepits binding promise and lend a helping hand. The senior management had assigned a marketing andoperations team to develop the ‘Mothercare 360 Campaign’ for keeping women of all ages in tip topshape by offering them the best professional advice and care available at the new Mothercarewomen’s gym, opening in April 2011.FIRST STAGE: SITUATIONAL ANALYSISIf an organisation wants to expand into a different type of industry or business setting, it is of vitalimportance for the organisation to conduct a situational analysis in order to keep up with thechanging environmental trends and to strengthen the foundation of their strategies (IDM Firm2007).A Situational or Environmental Analysis can be defined as a problem-definition frameworkdesigned for the systematic collection of past and present data to examine the trends, forces,internal factors and external factors which have a potential to influence the performance of thebusiness.SECOND STAGE: OBJECTIVES To unveil the grand opening of a new Mothercare gymnasium on Mother’s Day (3 April2011) in London, for women of all ages. The specialty gym’s core service will bedelivering the best group or one-to-one programmes that pregnant and post-term womencould ever have. To support the launch of the new gym by generating 50% awareness in the immediate

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