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Article on Agile Software Development

Added on -2019-09-24

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IntroductionIn the given article the author discusses about the Agile Software Development that wasespecially created to fulfil the requirements of the rapidly changing environment by acceptingthe concept of rapid development and creating the actual final product. The given article isabout Rapid Software Development which can be described as a form of Agile SoftwareDevelopment that highlights on functioning software and user feedback over inflexibleplanning and requirement recording methods. Rapid Software Development does not usewaterfall methods for its development. In the given research article, the author hassummarized the state of art and challenges that are involved in maintaining the quality in theRapid Software Development process. The article also introduces Q-Rapids data driven andquality aware Rapid Software Development strategy which manages quality as well as RapidSoftware Development process. The report finally summarizes the contribution of the studyin the field of software development and considers the future research prospects in the subjectmatter. DiscussionAs the contemporary era is progressing towards technological advancements, global softwarebusiness organizations are bound to adapt in the fast changing environment. Working in afragile and ever changing environment, it has become for business organizations to work on atotal and comprehensive set of software requirements. However, it is literally impossible tofunction for any traditional software model to work effectively. Traditional software modelslike Waterfall Model which depends on largely identifying the necessities, planning andtesting of the software system are not efficient towards speedy software development

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