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INTRODUCTIONIndividual Assessment Marketing MaterialCommunication can be defined as the process withthe help of which the transfer of facts, ideas andfeelings takes place in between two people in anunderstandable way. This poster will make focus onproviding challenges and barriers tocommunication, strategies for overcomingcommunication barriers and awareness of culturalinfluences on communication and negotiation.Not only mere speaking is enough, but it is importantfor leaders to have something on which team couldbelieve.Due to the impacts which have been created byBrexit on the working of country and organisations,so this has impacted upon the relations in betweenBritish and Non- British people. People of differentages and groups are working in Fish and ChipsRestaurant. So in order to reduce the situation tensein between the employees of this restaurant, themanager is making implementation of some newpolicies in order to make stable the working relationin between employees to be stable. Firstly, thedescription of challenges is being provided as under:Challenges and Barriers to EffectiveCommunicationIn one of the most important reasons ofineffective communication is related to lack ofplanning due to which confusion is created inbetween leader and team as well. It is because theleader needs to communicate properly and planabout future to deal with negative situations and itcould be only possible if the leader has somearguments to present in from of team to convincethem.Restaurant Promotion
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