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Law2Introduction:Crown Prosecutor is the lawyer who is authorized to represent the Crown before al the Courts inlieu of prosecution to offense. It must be noted that ideal prosecutor consider themselves as theagent of the justice and they are also own various duties towards the society. In this report weanalyze the statement made byJustice Rand that main aim of Crown prosecutor is to present theevidences in fair manner (Aberta, n.d.). This paper also compare two contradict views whichstate that Crown prosecutor’s role “to prove the accused is guilty of the offence and main aim ofCrown prosecutor is to present the evidences in fair manner.Role of Crown Prosecutor:In Canada the prosecutor is known as Crown Attorney, and the main work of Crown Prosecutoris to prosecute those charges which are criminal in nature and lay by the police officers. Thisprocess is adversarial in nature. It must be noted that Crown Attorney is quasi-judicial officer,which means it is the duty of Crown Attorney to act in fair manner. It is considered that it is notpossible for Crown to wins or loses the case, and he/she is only under obligation to prosecuteeach and every charge and case that seems to be related to the conviction and such convictionmust be in the interest of the public. Crown prosecutor is also obliged to withdraw the case fromthe prosecution when such prosecutor believes that case is not related to the conviction is presentin the case and such conviction is not in the public interest to proceed. Therefore, Crownprosecutor must ensure the interest of the public.Conduct of crown prosecutor while conducting criminal litigation is characterized through threefactors that are fairness, moderation, and dignity. This does not state the meaning that it is notpossible for counsel to conduct vigorous prosecutions. Important qualities of crown counsel arevigorous and thoroughness.
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