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INTRODUCTIONLegal framework can be defined as a set bundle of various rules and regulationsdeveloped by numerous authorised ministers of the country. These frameworks help thegovernment in maintaining control over various activities performed in the country. The presentstudy shows a brief description about English legal system along with several sources availablein the country for formation of numerous laws. Further, the study also shows a detailedinformation regarding various types of business organisation and their critical evaluation so as tohelp in choosing the most appropriate business structure to be chosen for performance of severalbusiness activities. Furthermore, the study shows impact of numerous laws on the business of acompany In addition, the assignment also provide a legal solution of business problem on thebasis of employment law of UK.TASK 1Explaining different sources of lawEnglish legal system:The legal system of UK is being termed as the English legal system. This system includesrules, regulations, legislations and standards that are needed to be comply by each person of UKincluding, body corporates, individuals, companies, partnership firms, etc.Sources of lawThe English legal system includes a range of sources through which the laws and otherlegal rules and regulations are being formulated in the country. Some sources of laws are asunder:Legislations:Legislations refers to a set of rules and regulations formulated byauthorised ministers of Government through the parliamentary procedures (Becker,2018)As the per the legal system of UK, no law can be prepared having overriding effectover any of the legislation existed in the country. In this regard, they can be treated as asource of law as they are needed to be taken into consideration at the time of formulatinglaws for the country.European union laws:European Union (EU) is a set of various member countriesdeveloped for the free trading purpose. UK, being a part of EU, needs to comply witheach standard and rules of EU. In addition, as per the rules of EU, UK can not developany of the law having overriding effect over EU laws. Furthermore, in case, any law of
EU gets amended, each member state also amend each of their rules and laws affectedthrough that amended law of EU. Therefore, EU laws are also a major source of law inthe English legal system.Common laws:Common laws can be defined as a set of numerous judgements providedby higher judicial authorities of the country. Their judgements become laws in the UKthat are being applicable on each lower divisional courts. The judges of lower judiciariesare needed to be taken into consideration each common law at the time of providing theirjudgements. In this regard, common laws are also a source of laws in UK legal system.Ethical code of conducts:Each country have their own ethical code of conducts basedon their social and cultural differences. As per the constitution of UK, no law can beformulated beyond ethical culture of the country(Lopez-Gonzalez, Estévez andGriffiths, 2018). In this order, each ethical code of conducts are also needed to beconsidered at the time of formulating any law in the country. In this regard, ethical codeof conducts are also a core source of law in English legal system.By analysing the above study, it can be analysed that there are various sources availablein the country through which laws are being formulated in the UK.Role of Government in law making process and implication of common laws and statutory lawson courts.Law making process:The law making process begins after identification of need of new laws or amendments inthe exiting laws in the country. The UK government has authorised some government ministersthat analyses the current situation of the country and country's legal system. By comparing boththey detect need of new laws or amendments in the existing legal framework of the country.From such detection, the actual law making process starts. This process can be analysed asunder:Preparation of bill:After detection of need of laws, authorised ministers prepares a billcontaining a detailed information regarding the new law to be prepared or any requiredamendments.Putting the bill in front of parliament:After such preparation of bill, Governmentministers present the bill in front of both houses of parliament, where the bill needs tofollow various stages for the purpose of preparing a valid law for the country as under.
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