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Digital Forensic Tool Assignment

Added on - 20 Sep 2019

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IntroductionMy project is to develop a forensic tool that is capable of mounting digital forensic evidence file ofexpert witness format (.E01) and perform simple searches on the evidence file while sharing ofinformation is enabled between different users of the system. The basic understanding of the systemwill be that it will work similarly to a typical digital forensic tool but with limited functionalities as it isjust a proof of concept.Real World ProblemsAlthough digital forensics field is considered a very professional and small field, there are still multiplemajor digital forensic tools available in the market both off the shelf and freeware. They each have theirown strengths and weaknesses but they all share one common which is lack of customizability andsharing of information. These digital forensic tools that are commonly used are usually used the way it isas it is purchased or downloaded, users lack the capabilities of customizing the system for functions thatthey require or might not require. Furthermore, there is a lack of communication between these digitalforensic tools which at times causes redundancy in work due to lack of communication. Forensicinvestigators are unable to communicate or check on the work done by others efficiently which mayresult slow progress in the investigation.SolutionsThe solution to solving the mentioned problem is to provide users with a system with customizabilitywhich enables the user to only select modules or functions that are required by the user to develop asystem that fits the requirements of the user as best as possible. Another solution is to include a moduleor function that allows the communication between investigators to share notes or follow ups on thesame case at the same time also implementing user access control.Modules Proposed to be included in the systemThe modules proposed are to be included into the system with minimal functionalities to proof theconcept of the system.Mounting – The system is capable of mounting digital evidence files. The system will be able to mountfiles of Expert Witness Format (.E01) as a proof of concept with write-block capabilities. After mountingthe evidence file, the evidence file will not be tampered with in any way while investigating which canbe checked using the hash.Create .dd image – The system will not be mounting the original evidence file onto the filesystem toprevent contaminating the original evidence file. Hence, a .dd image will be created based on theoriginal evidence file and the image created will be used to mount onto the filesystem where allinvestigation process will take place. The image created will be identical to the original digital evidence.Generate Hash – The system is capable of generating a hash value of the selected evidence file to becompared with the original hash value which is included in the original evidence file. Both hashes will becompared to prove that they are identical.
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