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PPT on Importance of Leadership in the Society

Added on - 27 Jul 2022

Power point presentation

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The aim of the presentation is to enlighten the reader with
the information about the concept of leadership and its
connection with employee creativity. Leadership plays a
crucial role in satisfying the interest of employees and
making them work for the benefits of the organization
(Tse, To, and Chiu 2018).
Leadership Style and Employee
Leadership refers to the act of leading the actions of others
present in the society.
It helps the management in making the employees
understand the objectives of the business and make them
work effectively.
The leaders in the society recognize the creative actions
implemented by the employees and address them
accordingly(Zhang, et. al., 2018).
Importance of Leadership in
Leadership is important in the business environment
because it sets out clear vision and goal for the employees
to work upon and then initiate appropriate strategies
It should be noted that appropriate leadership also helps
the management to understand and motivate employees
so that they work in direction of achieving success for
business(Wang, et. al., 2019).
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