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IntroductionOperation management is important for every business organization no matter what size, industry itbelongs to. The companies that follow proper planning in operations management are moresuccessful than those companies that do not properly plan the operation management. In thisassignment operation management approaches and strategies used by three different organizationwill be discussed in detail. Operation management significantly contributes in the success of thecompany. It also helps the company is gaining sustainable competitive advantage. This assignmentalso discusses the role of quality management in achieving objectives and goals of the company.The assignment end with the evaluation of the supply chain management and the role of IT systemin supply chain of the organization. The three companies discussed in the assignment includes WHSmith which is a UK based retail company, Jaguar which is the UK based luxury vehicle brand andPrêt a Manger is a sandwich shop chain based in the UK.Task 11.1Explain and evaluate how operations management activities contributeto your organization’s business strategy and customer demands. Within yourresponse you should:Operation management is a set of management activities performed by the organization toconvert the input resources into output products and services. The input resources includesmaterials, machinery, supplies, capital, human resource, technology and information. Theprocess of transformation includes activities through which output is produced that is valued bythe customer of the company. Hence, for operation management the concept of adding valueis crucial. Value added to the resource input by the operations helps the company in earningprofits. In short, for the success of the company efficiently managing the operational activitiesis essential. Managing efficiently the operations of the company is also essential to produceoutput (products and services) that can satisfy the customers.1.2Analyze the operations functions of two selected organizations otherthan your own companyOperations functions of Jaguar (JLR)Jaguar Land Rover is a luxury car owned by two leading British automakers that designand produce automobiles in the UK. Now JLR is a part of Tata Motor India’s leadingautomaker. One of the world’s leading sports car producer globally is JLR. IN the1
United Kingdom JLR is a well-known for producing premium 4x4’s. In the 60 year longhistory of JLR it is specifically known for its association with the planet. The companyhas adopted different methodologies to minimize the impact of its cars on earth mainlythrough e-Terrain advances, more viable assembling lanes, Co2 balancing and so on.The maintainability structure of administrationOperation management is one of the significant part of all the organization regardless itsize and industry. In JLR operation management is involved in all the activities.Management of the company is responsible to ensure all the operation are working asanticipated. JLR also considers operation management as a tool to manage theproduction capacity, measure the performance, reduce cycle time, maintain highquality and reduce the overall cost of the product.In the product department of JLR operation Supervisor is responsible for managingand controlling all the production tasks. The managers of all the department areresponsible for implementing operations management in their respective departments.The aim of JLR is to earn high revenues while minimizing the use of resourcesavailable to the company. To achieve this JLR develops and implements differentoperational management strategies. Once these strategies are implemented managersmonitor the outcomes and take corrective actions if necessary.Operation function at PRÊT A MANAGERIn FrenchPrêt a Manger means ready to eat. Prêt a Manger is a famous UK basedfood chain found by Jeffery Hyman in 1984. In operations management of the foodchain a crucial role is played by the store manager. The manager has the copy of theprojected sales of the day. Based on the projected sales manager coordinates with thesuppliers for the raw material. The manager also coordinates with the production teamand informs them the projects sales so that can accordingly do preparations. Prêt aManger is a brand known for its quality and fresh food. It is the responsibility of storemanager to ensure the quality and freshness of food being served to the customers. Itis also the responsibility of the manager to ensure that employees proved the servicesto customer in timely manner and all the operation of the store are running smoothly.The operational functions of the store include food preparation for which proper kitchenstaff is recruited. Another operation in store is order taking where waiters take order2
from customers and deliver it to kitchen. The manager based on the requirement workat different levels and also from time to time takes feedbacks from customers.Operation function at WH SmithIn all the activities performed by WH Smith an important role is played by operationmanagement. Efficiency and effectiveness in all the operation of WH Smith ismaintained with the help of operations management. In WH Smith efficiency meansproper use of all resources (human resource and capital etc.) in each and every activityof the company. Trough operation function the management ensures that it achieve themain goals of the company which are to generate high profits and maximize value forshareholders. The cost is reduced by the management of the company by stopping theprojects that are less profitable. This means that WH Smiths effectively achieves itsobjective of being a market leader by using minimum resource and achieving maximumoutput. Effective and efficient operations are measured by productivity, capacity, andworking capital utilization. Effective operation management helps the company inachieving an efficient production system.In WH Smith it is inevitable to ignore the importance of management, control andcoordination of operations management. There are various activities included inmanagement, control and coordination, these activities ensures that the objectives ofthe company are attained effectively and efficiently. Coordination and control are theactivities that company use to systematically determine what the company is doingright and wrong. This helps the company to overcome issues and take correctiveactions. Some of the control and coordination activities of WH Smith includesevaluation product, product development, sales and services.1.3Explain the significance of the five performance objectives thatunderpin effective operations management.Effective operation management is underpinned by five performance objective: thesefive performance objective are discussed in detail below:1.Reducing Cost3
The first performance objective of operations management at WH Smith is reducingcost. The aim of cost reduction strategy of WH Smith is to accomplish economicstrength. WH Smith reduces is cost by discontinuing the projects that are lessprofitable, this creates opportunity for the company to invest and develop projects thatare profitable and will help the company in growth.2.DigitalizationThe Second performance objective of operations management at WH Smith isdigitalization. The major source of the success of WH Smith is its capability to cope upwith the changing technological trends in the market. WH Smith understand theimportance and demand of internet shopping in this era and has introduced onlineshopping which enables its customers to buy and receive the products at their doorstep. Online shopping is also one of contributed in the success of the organization.3.Reaching More CustomersThe third performance objective of operations management at WH Smith is improvingthe customer reach. WH Smith to increase its customer base and making it productavailable to customer has started operating it stores in different location. Hencecustomers can easily access the products and services offered by the company andattract potential customers.4.Promotional CampaignThe fourth performance objective of operations management at WH Smith ispromotional campaigns. WH Smith have effectively used attractive promotionalcampaigns to attract customers and increase the overall sales of the company. Thesepromotional campaigns also attracted potential customer and helped the company togrow further in the market.5.Focusing on efficiencyThe fifth performance objective of operations management at WH Smith is efficiency.The focus of management of WH Smith on efficiency in all the operations performedhas significantly contributed in the success of the company. To achieve efficiency atevery level of the organization proper strategies have been adopted by themanagement. The management also ensures that all the strategic decisions taken by4
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