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Operational Manager Report

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Added on  2020-07-23

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Operational manager plays a crucial role for making the business objective in an effective
manner. Operational manager would implement BSC approach in order to gain the sustainability.
However, this can be said that the responsibility of the operational manager will emerge in an
effective manner (Zhou, Varadharajan and Hitchens, 2013). operational manager would
accountabilities could be distributed into four types.
Question 1
Operational manager accountable for running their business operations so that they could
gain the sustainable development in the long run. However, this can be said that the operational
manager’s responsibilities are divided into four parts. These are: direct, design, delivery and
develop. Operational management covers each thing a firm does. Under this manner, each
manager is an operations manager, as whole managers which are accountable for contributing to
the operational tasks which are needed to form and deliver firm’s products and services.
Although, others claim that this description is too wide, and that the operations function is about
manufacturing right amount of a product or service, during an appropriate time, and at the
appropriate quality and at the appropriate cost to encounter customer needs.
Direct: Its covers understanding concerned performance objectives, setting an operations
strategy, handling innovation, and scope of operation. Their direct responsibilities cover handling
both operations process, acceptance design, planning, control managers.
The direct covers for knowing relevant performance objectives of the company, fixing an
operational objective in order to gain sustainability, handling innovation, and scope of the
operation (Croson and et. al., 2013). Direct responsibility of operational manager helps the firm
to understand concerned performance objectives, setting a processes strategy.
Design: Operational manager responsibility is to assist the firm to design of the operation in such
a manner where they could gain the sustainable development. The operational process of the
company must be made in such a manner so that they could get the competitive advantage
(Dolgoff and Feldstein, 2012).
Delivery: Under this, operational managers covers the planning and controlling of the tasks
of the business operation. Although, this can be said that the company needs to make certain
planning in order to grab the certain objectives of the firm.
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