Introduction to the Project Management

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I.T. Project management1I.T. PROJECT MANAGEMENTCourse:Tutor:University:University location:Date:
I.T. PROJECT MANAGEMENT2Assessment twoIntroductionProject development requires proper planning and administration[ CITATION Sch15 \l 1033 ].Project tasks as supposed to be well defined and assigned due dates. It is also important to have abudget estimates subject to updates, research shows that, cost constraints are the majorcontributors to project stall and failure to meeting the desired outcomes. When carrying out aproject, it is a requirement to schedule the tasks to be completed, tasks that are more importantthan others should be handled during the early phases of project development[ CITATION Lar13 \l1033 ].Below is a diagram showing my work breakdownTaskCritical pathStartFinishDurationTask 1yesWeek 1Week 77 weeksTask 2yesWeek 7Week 158 weeksTask 3noWeek 15Week 216 weeksTask 4yesWeek 21Week 211 weekProject breakdown planBudget plan
I.T. PROJECT MANAGEMENT3SpecificationCost in $statemanpower20,000Full paymenthardware15000Partial paymentsoftware16500Partial paymentLicensing and hosting2000Full paymentThe budget estimates is prone to change owing to the current market trends, it is therefore myresponsibility to study the market trend then make better costs plan. Manpower costs should bepaid in full before the start of the project. Most projects fail to achieve the targets due to sluggishpayments to workers; workers should be paid well to boost their morale towards service delivery.Licensing of various software that we will be using will also require full payment. The hardwareand software specifics will not require full payment because not all software or hardware will beused at the same time.2.Gantt chart1-77-1515-212121PlanningWeeksActivitie
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