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Introduction to Public Health PDF

Added on - 21 Apr 2021

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Obesity level of adult indigenous peopleImportance of public health promotionObesity defines weighing more than average weightMore than 70% of the adult indigenous people aging 50to 65 are vastly affected by obesityBMI level of these indigenous people is more than 30kg/m^2Women are mostly affected by obesityThe overweight ratio of women and men among theindigenous is 17:14Inappropriate distribution of social wealth is the ultimatereason behind the mal-healthcare structure of theindigenous people.Racial discrimination has been identified as the keyproblem of healthcare development among theindigenous peopleHealthcare promotion is important in the Bendigo regionin order to develop the healthcare structure ofindigenous people of that regionInnovative, motivating and leading public healthpractices should be the best option for the healthcarepromotionHealthcare promotion processes to strengthen the health determinants ofthe indigenous peopleHealthcare activities include proper medication, providing proper dietchart, rehabilitation and advising on healthy physical activitiesEnhances the abilities to develop the strength to cop up with thehealthcare problemsHelps to quicken the obesity treatment and assures guaranteedinterventions from obesity.Healthcare activities would support the indigenous Australians toconvince on evidence-based treatments and demonstrate a healthyworkforceThe success factors of healthcare promotion would motivate theindigenous people on capacity buildingThe healthcare promotional activities would be supportive of theadvocacy and development of healthcare policies for indigenous peopleThe healthcare members would support and volunteer healthcareassistance to the indigenous people of Bendigo.Goals and aims of public health promotionPublic Health promotional eventsPublic healthcare promotion is done for the bettermentof the physical and mental health.Risk factors must be identified and located throughpromotional activitiesObesity level of the indigenous people would bechecked in the promotional activitiesThe promotion of health wellbeing of the indigenouspeople would be doneThe root reason for the obesity will be measuredthrough regular medical checkupAssurance of the participation of all the factorsMedical evidence must be preserved properly forThe Public Health promotion management is essential for the propercoordination of the project. The Different management strategiesinclude coordination with the local public health department of theBendigo Island. For any promotional activities, the coordination withthe local authority is very important. The necessary Events that will takeplace in the promotional programme are mentioned below.Medical Camp:A medical camp will be organized in the local healthfacility of Bendigo where the indigenous will have the privilege of freetreatment. In the medical camp, medical professionals will be presentwho will talk about the ill effects of obesity. The medical camp is totallydone for the people to be aware of the situation. The Medicalprofessionals of the locality are invited to the programme. Theparticipation of the local authority is also valuable.PUBLIC HEALTH
future useInteraction with the social, economic andpsychological; factors must be regarded.The Social workers and social organization that is performing this kindof awareness programme are also invited to give any inputs so that thehealth promotional programme can be a success.There will be a speech given by the officers of the public healthdepartment of Bendigo addressing the problem of obesity.Mitigation measures will be discussed by the health professionals so thatthe community people can save themselves and their family from thisproblem. The mitigation measures are very important and it should befollowed by the community people. The Message given by thispromotional activity isObesity is the curse of the society.The Main theme of the health promotional activity isobesity is thecurse of the society. It is the responsibility of the health professional tomake the community people understand about the curse.Rally –After the medical camp there will be a rally with slogans aboutthe ill effects of obesity so it can reach out to a wider audience in thecommunity. Pamphlets will be distributed which will contain the illeffects of obesity. Pamphlets will be distributed to the communitypeople which are a written document. These Pamphlets will containdifferent messages about the ill effects of obesity and the mitigationstrategies need to be taken to fight against the Obesity.Street Theatre and Traditional Cultural events-A street theatre will beperformed where the main theme will beObesity the Curse of the society.Itwill be followed by a tradition programme from the community which will
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