Introduction to Recruitment and Selection

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Running head: RECRUITMENT AND SELECTIONRecruitment and selectionName of StudentName of UniversityAuthor Note
1RECRUITMENT AND SELECTION1.0 IntroductionRecruitment and selection are two of the most important HR activities that a managerof a business organisation need to undertake. This is done in order to ensure that anorganisation is not short of staffs and that talented individual is present in the organisation(Newell, 2015).Thereport provides an overview of the recruitment and selection strategiesthat are adapted for a company located in Hobart. The position taken into consideration is astore manager. The outline of the job position is provided and the strategies employed toattract the selected candidates are provided. For the purpose of the report, OZStyle4U hasbeen considered. The business strategy link of OZStyle4U is analysed that includesorganisational goals and the benefits of hiring suitable candidates for the new store in Hobart.2.0 Pre-recruitment2.1 Business strategy for OZStyle4UIt has been seen that following a differentiation strategy can help an organisation togain a competitive advantage.Rees & Rumbles (2010) is of the opinion that firms taking adifferent approach to management need to exercise a unique differentiation strategy. Thisprevents competitors to imitate the products of the company. It is also needed that everyorganisation implements a growth strategy that can help in implementing a strategic businessplan.Parrotta, Pozzoli & Pytlikova (2014) stated that a proper growth strategy could help inthe increase of sales of a firm. This is because the economies of scale can be reached andproper maintenance of finance can be achieved.It has been seen that OZStyle4U has implemented both the growth as well as thedifferentiation strategy. It has been seen that companies that employ both the strategies havean opportunity to establish itself in the market. This is because pursuing a differentiation
2RECRUITMENT AND SELECTIONstrategy helps in creating unique products that may be difficult for its competitors. Thedesigning of the clothing material of OZStyle4U need to be such that it is different from theexisting brands in Hobart. Apart from this the differentiation strategy allows employees todisplay the creativity that they possess. This can be considered as a huge motivational factorfor the employees working in OZStyle4U as the employees can use their talents in producinggood products (Searle, 2016).Thus, it can be said that the growth of OZStyle4U is evidentwith the application of both the strategies and it can help in the successful expansion of thebusiness in the organisation.Business strategyPriority(P = primary;S = secondary;NA = notapplicable)General staffing implicationsCost leadershipSFlexibleDifferentiation (quality)PCoreGrowthPCoreSpecialisationSReactiveTable 1: Business strategy for OZStyle4U(Source: Created by author)2.2Job requirements matrix for HR ManagerIn order to recruit for the position of HR manager in Hobart, the organisation hasdivided the job specification into three specific duties. Each of the allocated tasks has itsimportance in the overall performance of the organisation.Costen (2012)stated that since the
3RECRUITMENT AND SELECTIONcustomer satisfaction and development of staffs are important, managers are expected torecruit people based on Customer Service and Staff Supervision Management. Financialmanager role is also importantin order to meet the objectives set for finances. As per the jobmatrix table provided, it is seen that the person specifications provides a clear outline of theskills required for succeeding in the business of OZStyle4U.The importance is rated between 1-10, with 10 being the most important. Apart fromthis, the essential components are rated as E. Hence, it can be said that aligning with positionobjectives the employees need to have knowledge about financial operations. The jobrequirement matrix indicates the growth target of OZStyle4. The company aims to expand itsmarket within 2020, by establishing 12 more stores in Australia. The importance of the jobrequirement matrix is that it helps in attracting the required talents needed for the fulfilmentof goals (Club, 2014).The positive factor of the company is that it holds a good reputationfor being excellent in serving customers. Hence, the requirements of the individuals need tobe such that it sustains the image of the company. The task and the importance of the specificduty are stated in the matrix, which acts as potential targets for the employees.Job specificationPerson specificationDutyTasksImportance ofduty(%)Timespent onduty (%)KSAO/CompetencyImportance ofKSAO/Competency toperformance(1 = Low, 10 =High;E = essential, D= Desirable)
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