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Service Learning Assignment PDF

Added on - 27 Sep 2021

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Service Learning refers to educational approach which combines the learning objectives with that of
the community service. It helps in providing progressive learning experience that can help in meeting
the needs of the society. The report discusses about pre-service teacher education and the issues that
are faced by the diverse learners. It describes the context of my service learning and about the
learning support programs. It elaborates on the responsibilities of service learning and the ethical
considerations that should be taken into consideration in the case of service learning.
The purpose of SL for:
The service learning (SL)is a guide to successfulbeginning to field placementand for becoming
amore productive member of the cooperating classroom. The service-learning is the opportunity for
students to get out and serve in non-profit organisation, to contribute and make a meaningful
difference in the community. At the same time tie it back to what they are learning in the classroom
and make strong connection.
The SL is an effective approach to teaching and learning in which students use academic knowledge
and skills to address children needs. The purpose of the SL is to provide an opportunity to the student
studying to be a teacher to take these experiences and combine them with the coursework, to create a
teaching style that is unique.
o pre service teacher education.
Pre-service teacher education refers to the training that is provided to the student teachers
before they undertake the process of teaching. It helps in providing the students with
experiences that can come to be of use for their profession.
o developing an understanding of the issues faced by diverse learners.
The issues that are faced by diverse learners pertains to the aspect of language. The students
do not feel engaged within the classroom owing to the cultural difference that hampers their
progress in relation to the studies. The issues that are raised pertains to low educational
attainment that was a barrier in the path of their development. The issue that was faced by the
diverse learner was that the students were not properly engaged in the classroom.
Introduce a theoretical framework Butin’s theory.
Service Learning is popular in the case of education in Australia. Service learning can be
defined as a philosophy and form pertaining to enquiry. The theoretical framework of Butin
lays emphasis on the four aspects- respect, relevance, reflection and reciprocity. Butin helps
in providing a value oriented framework in relation to Service Learning. The theory of Butin
lays focus on the fact that respect for the members in relation to service-learning organisation
can help in the creation of a proper atmosphere that can greatly help the student in evolving
as a teacher. Reciprocity pertaining to service learning can help the server in interacting in a
positive manner that can help in the creation of mutual outcome. The service learning
pathway can add to that of academic learning with the help of the element of relevance. The
aspect of reflection enables participants in lending meaning to experience.
The context
The context in which I took SL focussed on literacy at McCullams Hills public school, primary
school in Roselands, NSW..........
My service learning took place at the Mc Cullams public school that is located in Roselands
in NSW (, 2018). During the course of my service
learning, I worked with the students who were of the age group of 10-12. There were 21 % of
the children who were coming from the language background other than that of English and
there were 16 % who were indigenous in the primary school. Statistical demographics
pointed out to the fact that diversity in relation to cultural background was not widespread
within semi-rural community. There was diversity in the school pertaining to the fact that
there were a large number of boys who were attending the MC Cullans School as compared
to the girls. This points out to the fact that there were gender discrimination in the
community. There was low educational achievement at the MC Cullans School and this
paved the way for that it was necessary to engage the students that can help in the uplifting of
the quality of education at school.
The learning support programs
The school had many support programs such as Articulation group, technology, bully busters,
reinforced reading and in class support. I was involved in Reinforced reading and in class support
Reinforced reading is a part of both programs and low-progress readers.I sit with the student, one on
one and thesessions are of 15-20 mins,where learning of sight words and word attack skills is
reinforced by me as supported reading.
In class support - working in the classroom support a student or group of students. The activities or
task will be assigned by the classroom teacher must be completed within the time provide (Waterman,
Roles and Responsiblities
My placement session was for 2 hours and 20 minutes. For the first hour, my role while undertaking
SL placement was support the students in 2B classroom with reading and writing under the
supervision of a teacher. As it was diverse school students had different requirement in their learning
.... My role was to sit with those kids one on one and it was my responsibility to help and support
them with writing and making sure the students complete their task within the time given (Waterman,
2014).In the second hour, I was involved in the reinforced reading program, my role was to sit
outside the class with the student; the low-progress reader is positively reinforced for good reading by
means of highly specific and continuous praise.Another role i played was playground duty at recess.
My role was to make sure all the children are safe in the setting..... My responsibility.....
Ethical and professional consideration
Competence is an important issue in relation to service learning. All members pertaining to Service
Learning have significant role obligation. Opportunities should be provided so that the communities
can interact with the faculty. The needs should be identified by the community and they should be
matched with the academic outcome. The projects should be created in a manner that can benefit all
the partners. A professional consideration in the case of service learning is that the professors should
learn the new skills and meet with the community representatives that can help them in the aspect of
service learning. The teaching faculty should prepare students for project and monitor the aspect of
progress that can work for the benefit of the community.
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