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Introduction to Sexuality Studies

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Added on  2020-02-19

Introduction to Sexuality Studies

   Added on 2020-02-19

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Running head: INTRODUCTION TO SEXUALITY STUDIES1Annotated BibliographyName:Institution:
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Introduction to Sexuality Studies2Martin, L. (2015). Sex and sensibilities: Doing action research while respecting even inspiring dignity. In H. Bradbury-Huang (Ed.), The SAGE handbook of action research (pp. 505–511). London: SAGE Publications.The main argument in this article is exploring the research of sex work mainly by womenwho fall as the victims of sex in the sex industry. The article is relevant since the action study practices and philosophies have been endorsed in the sex work and are also supported by the sex working societies. Therefore, it examines women since they fall as sex victims due to the inability to make wise decisions (Martin, 2015). The article investigates the radical feminist study based on the public debates and the agendas which affect other people in the society. The main conclusion is that action research is vital to the sex work hence the sex workers should as well be engaged to demonstrate on the relevant research techniques.Derks, A. (2008).Khmer women on the move: Exploring work and life in urban Cambodia. University of Hawaii Press.The main argument in this book concerns the Khmer Women who provide ethnography of the young women in Cambodia who migrates to the urban region to work. The significance of the book is that there is increased female migration as well as urban employments hence Cambodia transforms to an open market from a closed socialist system of economy. Clearly, Women impact and shape the processes which take place in the nation (Derks, 2008). A field research is conducted amongst the women on the streets and prostitution to examine their experiences and the gender roles which prevail. The main conclusion in the book concerns the
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