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1SOCIOLOGYMedia is one of the most far-reaching communicating channels in the present day andthe immense power it has it cannot be equated to anything else. The efficiency of media andthe technological advances have made it possible for the sector to become so powerful(Dubrofsky and Wood 2014). The various channels of communication all converge under thebroader category of media and hence it becomes easy for an issue to circulate throughout theglobe in an instant. The various information and speculations that hover around the medialead to the creation of various beliefs, perceptions and understanding in the society(Buckingham 2013). Sociology and media are two broadly connected subjects of knowledge.The role media plays in creating and bridging gaps and distances between communities andsocieties is huge and the essay shall aim to focus on such practices of the media in a greaterdetail.Media has been the one constant thread that binds the entire society together and peoplerely on the deliverance of required content from media (Howitt 2013). The role that mediaplays, in the modern world, is varied and hence it is seen that it has become an inevitable partof lives of people of the society. Media is regarded as a channel that transmits informationfrom a source to the audience (Potter 2013). The information can be both direct and indirectat the same time. It depends on the capability of the audience to decipher the information thatremains decoded. The various forms of media include- music, films, news, social media,pictorials and many more. It is to be noted that all of these have contents which are needed tobe decoded. The interpretations of the individuals may vary from each other and it is seenoften that there are many decisions and prejudices taken up by people on the basis of wronginterpretation.The media plays a huge role in lighting up the differences in the society. Media reaches outto a huge audience base around the world and hence it is seen that people get to know everydetail about an incident in a very quick time (Greenfield 2014). It is often seen that the media
2SOCIOLOGYis filled with certain notions that have no direct meaning but the presentations they makehave various implications that are degrading for certain sections of the society (Giddenset al.2016). The contents that are produced by the media these days have been in some way or theother highlighting the various differences that exist in the society. Though the role of media isvery essential in keeping a record of the information that is being presented and generated, itis seen that it further reinstates the differences in the society largely.The various media issues have various kinds of social implications. The films that arebeing made in Hollywood by reputed directors have had considerable social underpinnings todecipher. The foremost concern that arises in the accordance with the media content is theportrayal of the blacks and negativity in such contents. The racist approach that mediabeholds is something that is of utter significance when it is studied in the sociologicalperspective. The film industry is one of the most influential Media around the world andpeople take a huge liking for the industry and the contents it creates. Hollywood hasfilmmakers who have made films that have shown a stereotyped image of the blacks ofAfrica. It is through such film that the entire world has gathered knowledge about the ways oftheir lives, their accent, their physique and their characteristics (Smith 2013). The blackmales are always represented as characters that are extremely strong and at times rude; suchrepresentations can actually completely vary from reality. It is seen that the black females insuch films are shown as mamas or fat woman who are strict and shout at the top of their voice(Croteau and Hoynes 2013). Such representation leads to people creating false ideas in theirminds about the blacks. People tend to look down upon the blacks. The representation ofreality is low in terms of the blacks and when it happens, such films go on to be greetedopenly by all the critics. The filmmakers have to be more sensitive and realistic while makingfilms as they reach out to a very wide range of audience and the representation they create ofa class or caste can be wrongly interpreted by most of the audience of the society. It is often
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