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Collin's Car Parking Management System

Added on -2019-09-23

Collin's Car Parking Management System is an innovative solution to manage 20 car parks in Melbourne CBD. The system handles ticket generation, payment handling, boom gate control, and security management. It caters to two types of customers - ordinary and fixed. The system generates fixed and ordinary tickets depending on the user type. Parking fees are calculated based on the type of customer and mode of payment is either cash or card. The system also manages access to the car park and exit. The security management feature records the arrival and departure time of security guards. The system aims to optimize the utilization of car parks.
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IntroductionThe car park managed by the organization named the Collin’s Car Parking is functional as 20 car parks inMelbourne CBD. For managing these car parks, the administration management within the city has araised a concerned and necessity to develop a newly functional and innovative system to control its carparks. The system created should qualify the expectation to handle the day to day operation of each carpark. The day to day operation includes the below transactions happening at the counter of each carpark: 1.Ticket generation (daily, weekly, monthly, and annual)2.Ticket acceptance3.Payment handling 4.Controlling boom gates5.Log book recording problems and manage security.Scope and project description Types of CustomersIn the Collin’s parking there are two types of customers who park their car,1.The first type - ordinary customers:They must pay each time whenever they use any car park. 2.The second type - fixed customersThese customers must pay a fixed amount in advance to park their vehicles for weeks,months and year in a specific car park. The fixed customers are allocated designated spaces. It isimperative that a fixed customer can only park their vehicles in these designated spaces. Thesespaces are not available to ordinary customers.Tickets GenerationDepending on the type of user, the following types of tickets can be generated,1.A fixed ticket is issued to a named individual or company, and the contact details (, mobile number, residential address and emergency details) is recorded. These tickets could beissued for week(s), month(s) and year with a certain expiry date.2.An ordinary ticket is issued for a short term (i.e. daily for few hours or acomplete day) stay at the car park.Parking feesParking fees need to be calculated by using the following table.1.Fixed customer:
1 week - 50 AUD2 weeks - 95 AUD1 month - 150 AUD3 months - 350 AUD6 months - 575 AUD12 months 800 AUD2.Ordinary customer:a.Early bird (during weekday’s midnight to 10 AM) - 2.5 AUD per hourb.Normal rate (during weekdays 10 AM to midnight) - 5 AUD per hourc.Early bird (during weekend’s midnight to 10 AM) - 5 AUD per hourd.Normal rate (during weekend’s 10 AM to midnight)- 10 AUD per hourMode of payment Payment at car park can only be made through Card (Master / VISA / DEBT) or Cash (50c, 1$, 2$, 5$, 10$,20$, 50$) Access to the Car Park When a car approaches an entry barrier, its presence is detected by a sensor under the road surface,and a ‘Press Button’ display is flashed on the control pillar. Different activity is expected from these types of customers.1.The ordinary customer must press a button on the control pillar, and a ticket is printed andissued. The ticket must be printed within five seconds. A ‘Take Ticket’ display is flashed on thecontrol pillar. When the customer pulls the ticket from the control pillar, the barrier is raised. Ifthe car park is full, no ticket is issued, and a ‘Full’ display is flashed on the control pillar. 2.The fixed ticket holder does not press the button, but insert their fixed ticket into a slot on thecontrol pillar. A check is made that the ticket is valid for this car park and has not expired. If allthese checks are passed, then the barrier is raised. The checks must take no longer than fiveseconds. A record is made of the time of entry. Exit the Car Park 1.Fixed ticket holders do not have to go to the pay station, when they are ready to leave the carpark, they go to the exit and insert their ticket into a slot on the exit barrier control pillar. Thebarrier is raised and a record is made of the time at which the ticket holder left. 2.Ordinary ticket holders should go to the payment station to pay for their trip. To do so, theticket is inserted into a slot, the bar code is checked and the fees will be calculated. Uponsuccessful payment, the customer can go to the exit and insert their ticket into a slot on the exitbarrier control pillar. The barrier is raised and a record is made of the time at which the ticketholder left. Security Management
The City administration has a contract with security companies to visit the car parks at regular intervals.The contract specifies the number of visits per day to each car park and the minimum duration of eachvisit. When a security guard arrives in a car park, he or she puts a card into the card reader and the dateand time of arrival is recorded. When the security guard leaves, he or she puts the card in again, and thedeparture time is recorded. (This card also allows security guards to enter and leave the car park in thesame way as fixed ticket holders. However, this is not used to record the arrival and departure ofsecurity guards, as they may not be able to enter with a vehicle if there is a queue of cars at the barrier.)Entity Relationship Diagram

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