Misadventures of Teenage Drunk Driving Campaign


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IntroductionThe following report highlights the social issue called drunken driving that has become anobnoxious menace to our society. Such drunken driving is being resulting in lot of accidents dayin and day out. Therefore, thousands of precious human lives have lost in the process and oururban areas are not safe any longer. The urban elite is getting increasingly habitual of late nightparties due to which there is a clear and present danger not only for the drunk driverhimself/herself but for the people of the society at large. According to a report submitted byBritish Medical Association, alcohol even if taken in small and moderate quantities, diminishesattention and control, affects reasoning adversely and affects negatively the ability of makingmovements that are completely dependent on natural coordination of eyes, hands and feet. Inother words, being intoxicated adversely affects our efficiency of driving properly. (Eisenberg,2003)The report essentially presents the CSR activities of a Company in spreading awareness aboutthe disadvantages that come along with drunken driving in the society. It will summarize thevarious aspects of the marketing strategies which would be responsible for its maximumpenetration in people’s lives. Company ProfileThe Company Perfexia Inc. deals in the production and marketing of software solutions for theirclients all over the world. Perfexia has a separate division for Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) which is solely responsible for spreading awareness about the prevalent social issues. Thisdivision has been very active for the past two decades in the United States to bring in toeveryone’s attention about dozens of issues that our society is grappling with. One such issue asmentioned above is drunken driving. The findings of the professionals of this division haveillustrated the marked differences in knowledge and attitudes between offenders and the peopleof society. Problem/Situation AnalysisIt is needless to say that there are far reaching consequences of drunk driving as its effects do notalways harm the drivers but many others as well. There are a number of other people that get hitby the drunk drivers and the mental trauma they suffer on account of that is equally problematicas the physical injuries that they sustain. The teenage alcoholism and driving is even moremenacing and getting serious with each passing day. According to a recent survey, the underagedrinking and driving has been considered a grave problem in the US which claims around 5000annual deaths. Although, the fundamental problem with the drunk driving among teens isvehicular homicide and injuries but there are economic costs, legal issues as well as long termconsequences. ("Teenage Alcoholism -- Getting The Right Treatment", 2016). Which is whyeducating teens and various social groups about the hazards of drunk driving can go a long wayin dealing with this public menace.
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Goals and InterventionsThe goals being set by the CSR of Perfexia are ambitious and greatly helpful for the society ifproperly achieved in stipulated time. The team has proposed a plan that in the next six months atleast 10% of the people being targeted will be made fully aware about the hazards of the drunkdriving. On the completion of one year, the figure would be made to move up the ladder andtouch 25%. On the completion of two years, there is a plan of conversion of this figure into 50%.The objective are pretty clear to the whole team and are taking strenuous efforts towardsachieving these stated targets. Market SegmentationMarket segmentation refers to such a marketing strategy and the process that subdivides arelatively significant homogeneous markets into distinctly identifiable clusters that have identicalneeds, requirements as well as demanding characteristics. Its main purpose is to create amarketing mix according to the expectations of the customers in the targeted region (Wedel &Kamakura, 2000).The primary market being targeted for the company’s awareness program has been identified aspeople belonging to the young generation. The teenagers who are involved in the activities ofdrunk driving are more particularly the ones that are needed to be targeted under the campaign ofspreading social awareness issue taken up by the CSR of Perfexia.The team has been actively involved in measuring the effective size of the segment of theteenagers to educate them about the serious consequences of drunk driving.The accessibility of this segment through promotion, although, may be a herculean task, but withthe help of numerous techniques and effective approaches would become relatively easy for theteam. However, this is the most effective part of the campaign that is needed to be carried outaccordingly. As a matter of fact the teens often fail to consider the far reaching consequences ofdrunk driving because of the lack of proper education and awareness. Therefore, they are neededto be made morally responsible whenever they try to embark on such misadventure.The teenagers are the individuals who, more often than not, have the propensity to think on thesame lines with almost similar interests and hobbies. The way they come with each other’sinfluence so easily makes them obvious and important target of the campaign taken up by thecompany’s CSR campaign management team. Therefore, it is of imperative need on the part ofthe concerned department to design policies and locate resources that would be immenselyhelpful for addressing the problem.
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Marketing 4PsProduct The product of the marketing strategy is essentially the service that has been deployed to spreadthe awareness regarding the social issues, in this case, drunk driving. The service is packaged ina way that could create optimum level of the interest among the targeted segments with a lot ofeducation that come along with it. Most importantly, the service is intended for the education forthe masses so that the damage happening to the society could be reduced as much as we can. PlaceThe place where this service could be availed by the target segment is everywhere from socialmedia to all the broadcasting channels. Besides, there are seminar campaigns to be held innumerous locations belonging to the prime localities that are meant for educating the people. Inaddition to that there is a dedicated team of professionals that has been busy in organizing thetrade fairs and producing samples of campaign catalogues as well as online promotionalactivities. PriceThe price of the service that Perfexia has taken up in order to dispense to the masses iscompletely free of cost. The best part is that it doesn’t matter whether the people are pricesensitive with regards the service they getting. It is completely discernible for the people tobecome a part of the company’s promotional campaign for further penetration which in turnwould be in the greater good for them. Promotion The promotional part is very important for the effectiveness of the drunk driving campaign ofPerfexia. The messages that are effective are needed to get across the people so that they couldgrasp what the marketing campaign want them to (Goi, 2009). The Company has devised manyways to educate the audience for example advertising online, proper use of spaces in newspapers,through TV, radio and billboards as well as by using direct marketing mailshot. Upstream and DownstreamThe promotional activities will be done by both upstream as well as downstream marketing. Allthe marketing techniques, campaigns and catalogues are to be handed down by the product teamsto the technical teams and finally to the field teams. While, the upstream techniques used will beresponsible for the researches and interaction with the audience in the market in order to definethe long term efficiency and the roadmap of the campaign.
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