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IntroductionThe luxury cruise liner that is being operated in the Mediterranean consists of the crew that isspending long periods on board. There are total of 24 crew members including masters and 8officers and the overall staff belongs to different countries – Britain, India, Portugal andIndonesia. The Chief Mate has made some serious observations regarding performance andbehavior of the officers as well as ratings. So, it is pertinent at this point for the 2nd Officer topresent a detailed report carrying possible causes with their recommendations. Possible Causes1.The crew and ratings have been working on the cruise liner for a long time so it is not easyfor them to live below the waterline as it poses mental and physical challenge for them. So, itbecomes depressing for them to continuously work in those conditions. Moreover, the cruisesof Caribbean and Mediterranean have the same itineraries throughout the year, therebymaking them boring for the crew (Soriani, Bertazzon, Cesare, & Rech, 2009).2.The existence of the cliques points toward the clash of cultural identities. Such as the ratingsbelonging to countries like India must be finding hard to put trust in the crew belongingPortugal.3.The isolated crew members might be going through some family problems.4.The poor communication during the safety drills is possibly due to the lack of multiculturaleducation as it plays a crucial role in promoting better communication among the crew whocome from different background, cultures and nationalities.5.Personality conflicts are something that inevitably arise due to the changing dynamics amongthe crew on account of differing backgrounds, ideas and agendas. This ego clash generallytakes place because of the personal one-upmanship over the other (Arnold & Pulich, 2003).6.Although the Third Mate is responsible, technically sound and competitive, he often fails tomake effective communication. This could be attributed to the fact that misunderstandingsoccur on account of different nationalities. In this case the actions, attitudes and intentionscould be misconstrued.

Actual Cause Confirmation1.The overall crew will be approached with a list of relevant questions to understand whatissues they are facing. Their mental and physical fitness will be checked by using varioustechniques. Experienced and proficient people would be entrusted with this task.2.It will be noted as to how these different cliques behave and interact when they will beaddressed together. The fact that groups view the society whether it is individualistic orcollective. So, they will be provided with the goals to understand collective cultures.3.The crew members that have isolated themselves will be asked to tell about their familybackground, experiences and personal anecdotes. Then they will be suggested solutions.4.The crew members will be questioned as per the complaints made by the passengers.5.Both the competent crew members will be approached together and their views aboutdifferent situations will be taken. A solution will be find so that they could balance eachother’s strengths and weaknesses.6.It is an essential part of International Safety Management Code (ISMC) that the properinterpretation of commands and their responses is used (Mandaraka-Sheppard & Mandaraka-Sheppard, 2007). So, the Third Mate will be assessed on the basis of this approach. Recommended Actions1.The crew members should be assessed with the help of psychological procedures. As themembers have become bored so they are needed to be motivated and making them know howto stay calm under pressure. Playing different sports can be a useful solution.2.As far as different cliques and their cultural differences is concerned, an atmosphere ofrelevant policies, procedures, programs and processes will be incorporated to enhance values,beliefs, assumptions and customs. Therefore, a culturally competent atmosphere enhances theknowledge about various groups of people ("Understanding cultural differences", 1990).3.The isolated crew members will be made to interact with all the other members. A properguidance will be given them regarding their family matters.4.There will be proper dissemination of multicultural education to crew members if need be.5.First of all we will need to assess as to what are the negative and positive aspects of theconflict. The approach should be creating a goal of finding solution rather than looking it as

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