Introduction. the microprocessor is integrating most of

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Introductionthe microprocessor is integrating most of the computerfunctions central process unit (CPU) into an only one soleintegrated ( small chips ). Computer processor has been built fromsmall and medium-sized integrated circuits containing theequivalent of hundreds of transistors. Thus, fully integrating CPUinto one chip greatly reduces processing capacity cost.Now, what is a microprocessor? it comprises of three basic parts1.(CPU) Central Processing Unit: Performs necessarymathematical and logical operations and controls the timingand general Full system operation.2.Input and output:Input devices are used to give the data and information tothe CPUOutput devices are used to present that data which is givenby the input .3.memory: It save any information and data that come fromthe input and it is the most important part of the microchip.What are inside microprocessors? There are around four mainparts which are1.Busses ( address, data, and control ) Bus2.Arithmetic-Logic Unit (ALU)3.Internal Registers4.Instruction Decoder and Control Unit.RCA and IntersilRCA introduced (COSMAC), and it is an 8-bit microprocessorfamily, which is known before as (CMOS). first two-slice patternknown as (CDP1801R) and (CDP1801U), and then they combinedthese two slices into (CDP.1802), and today it is known as RCA1802.Intersil 6100 is a single-chip microprocessor with 12-bit PDP-8, that family which is ( 6100 ) created using the ( CMOS ) inplace of dipolar, and the most of ( 8080, 6800, 9900, etc.) havebeen used by ( NMOS ) technologies.
RCA referred to the (CMOS) cycle as ( a silicon-metal oxidesemiconductor ), offering it to ascend to truncation (COS), and(MAC), which was after that reformulated as an "integralhomogeneous exhibit PC" when alluding to the processor.The 6100 was accessible for military use, is a double sourcethan the previous, and has been utilized in military items as alower power option to the ( 8080, 6800 ), and so forth.the 1802's Successors are the CDP ( 1804, 1805, and 1806 ),which contain an all-inclusive guidance set, and other improvedhighlights, ( for example, built-in timer, and on-chip RAM andROM), with certain variants running at quicker hour speeds,however a sorry contrast in the speed. A few highlights areadditionally lost, for example, the DMA loader work. There areadditionally some changes to the usefulness, however, lines keepon being created in the 40-pin unique double bar (DIP) design.Although the Intersil 6100 family contained simple instructionsand an engineering suite, it ware clearly appropriate to used in anembed system that had been used before with logic discretecircuits. Or with a motor from Ledex.RCA applications.1.Microcomputer systems: some of the microcomputers werebased on the (1802). besides, the RCA video game was the first touse that time bitmap graphic. The (Edukit) is a single boardcomputer training system, which was the same as the (COSMAC.Elf) spanning system, and it was introduced by (Modus Systems).2.Product integration: the ( 1802 ) use in scientifically devicestoo. and the production commercial, and it was used in themanufacture of many games also some of the car company useElectronic Lean-Burn System on their cars.3.Radiation hardening: it is extremely low-power abilities, andfurthermore, the 1802 was accessible manufactured in ( Silicon onSapphire ) innovation which gives it a level of protection fromradiation and electrostatic release, so the chip was good to use inspace shuttles and military or army applications.4.Space technology and science: Space Science andTechnology 1802 has been used with the various space shuttle
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