Swiss-Garden Hotel Melaka: Assignment

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1.0IntroductionThe organization that has been chosen for this assignment is Swiss-Garden Hotel Melaka. Located inthe historic state of Melaka, built in the spirit of cultural diversity, the Swiss-Garden Hotel Melaka isa luxury hotel offering a peaceful and spacious relaxation in the sky. The lavish, tallest hotel in thestate, ideally situated overlooking Melaka's UNESCO World Heritage zone, has 306 guest rooms withexcellent facilities and an adjoining shopping complex that allows guests to enjoy the bestexperience.For Swiss-Garden Hotel, they bring together a variety of diverse skillsets, integrating hoteltransaction and growth experiences with operations and asset management, providing a strongbackbone to include the full range of experience in hotel management. Swiss-Garden team hasprofessionals that possesses an entrepreneurial spirit and knowledge-based and experience-drivenoutcomes. Through our methodical approach, embracing this expertise and awareness of ourproperty is bound to bring success to the hotel. The core values that Swiss-Garden possessed areforward thinking whereby they will always keep on moving, excellence by adopting and maintainingthe consistency of the standard that the hotel holds, people driven by creating an environmentwhere all people are welcomed, humility and respect towards the guests and integrity by being inthe Swiss-Garden team with a welcoming heart.Besides that, the hotel business environment is complex, as it is often developing and constantlychanging. Swiss-Garden team believes that in the right technology and infrastructure, the hotel canbe in sustained and also remain competitive and will be able to outperform local and global rivals.The main objectives of the hotel are drives financial performance, deliver operational excellence andoptimize guest satisfaction.The scope of this report from Swiss-Garden is to show their main strength in the tourism sector inthis COVID-19 era as the economy for the tourism sector is not looking very good for the time being.They also analyze their hotel by using the SWOT which are Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities andThreats and also PESTLE analysis which are Political, Environment, Social, Technological, Legal andEconomic.The limitation of the report is that this report is only about the Swiss-Garden Hotel Melaka and theanalysis, thus this report cannot be use as a whole for the tourism sector in Malaysia. Boundary ofcountry is also the limitation as this report take place only in Malaysia.
2.0Background of the OrganizationAs a whole, Swiss-Garden International (SGI) was founded in 1991 as a hotel operator for the OSKGroup to manage hotels and as a hotel management company to assist hotel owners with hotelsoperated by third parties.Now, with an inventory of over 2,000 guestrooms, Swiss-Garden International has now currentlymanages and operates 8 properties. Swiss-Garden International's approach to driving financialreturns from hotel investments is owner-focused. Here in Malaysia, the Swiss-Garden Internationalis undertaking management projects and aims to expand throughout the Asia Pacific region.Swiss-Garden Hotel Melaka is a luxury hotel that offers a serene and luxurious retreat in its care. Itlives in the historic State of Melaka that is filled with the spirit of cultural difference. It has 306 guestrooms with first class facilities and also an adjoining shopping complex that allows the guests tomaximize their joy in staying with Swiss-Garden hotel. The Swiss Garden Hotel Melaka is set aroundthe state's historic tourist sites, and Melaka's famous Jonker Street is just a 15-minute walk from thehotel. Guests can also take an enjoyable walk along the bank of the river that flows around the hoteloverlooking Kampung Morten, a traditional Malay village in the middle of the city.Today, the Swiss-Garden Melaka is building a sustainable future for the hotel to adapt with thecurrent situation such as the COVID-19 that brings huge impacts towards the economic worldwide.Therefore, it is important to build a future that looks in the economic sector that will bring benefitstowards the economy and also the people as well.
3.0Situation Analysis of Swiss Garden Hotel Melaka3.1 General Environment AnalysisAn environmental analysis is strategic method. It is a method of recognizing all the external andinternal elements that can influence the efficiency of the company. The analysis involvesdetermining the degree of danger or opportunity that the variables might present. These judgmentsare later translated into the framework of decision-making. The research helps to match plans withthe environment of the company[ CITATION PES15 \l 1033 ]. It is also known as the PESTLE analysiswhich stands for Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal and Environment. Then, all thefactors that are important for Swiss-Garden Hotel Melaka as this framework also defines what thehotel should do to achieve their organization’s goals.PoliticalThis factor takes into account the current political situation of the country. It also shows the impactof the global political situation on the nation and company. According to Dandy Koswaraputra(2020), Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin said the government will aim to make tourism companies inMalaysia more competitive, while at the same time supporting sustainable and inclusive sectorgrowth and future disaster planning by launching National Tourism Policy (DPN) 2020-2030 online.The prime minister stated that digital technology-based tourism industry development is importantin order for the objective of the policy could come to fruition. Furthermore, Malaysia will set upSpecial Tourism Investment Zones for tourism projects as part for the new tourism policy to improvethe public-private collaboration and draw more local and foreign investment. Thus, this can be anopportunity for Swiss-Garden to expand their business and adapt to the new change in the tourismindustry.EconomicAll the determinants of the economy and its condition include economic factors. There are variablesthat can decide the direction in which the economy can travel. So, depending on the environment,companies evaluate this aspect. In line with shifts, it helps set up plans. According to VasanthaGanesan (2021), the COVID-19 pandemic brought the tourism sector to a complete standstill as thegovernment, along with its partners around the world, took steps to curb the spread of the virus byclosing borders, which causes serious job and revenue losses. Most hotels shuttered, while as theirfinances dried up, some travel agencies and companies folded. She further added that the tourist’sarrival to Malaysia decreased by a massive 78.6% in the first nine months of the year to 4.29 millionfrom 20.1 million in the previous years. Before the borders were shut on March 18, most of the
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