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Report on Primatech- IT Consultancy Firm

Added on -2019-09-16

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IntroductionThe Primatech is an IT consultancy firm which provides consulting services to the retail customers. The company engages in supporting small startup an ecommerce system in order to make them stable by earning sustainable profits. Brick operationThe company is having physical presence in the United States. The company provides face to face service to the customers by supporting them growing their ecommerce business. The company provides various consulting services such as process safety management, cyber security, hazard identification, process hazard analysis, risk management program, and siting. The company operates its brick operations in the USA. The company is having two branches. Click operationThe company also provides its consulting services through online mode which enable to consult the ecommerce startups through online mode also. The company is having website and mobile phone app in order to provide service through click button service as well. It helps to provide the services to the wide range of customers who are not able to come at the office. The online services of the company are operated through website and apps. Balancing of click operation over brick operationThe company is providing both brick and click services to the customers in order to give high quality of services to the customers. The company is balancing operations of both brick and clickwhich is necessary in order to operates in an effective manner. The company is providing similarservices through brick and click services. The operations of virtual and physical presence are very necessary in order to promote the brand in the eyes of the customers. The increase in the trend of online service add competitive advantage by providing g services through chat room, video with an advisor which provide similar experience as they receive in the brand. But the trend of online services could be the ongoing disruption for the traditional offline services of the company. So the company is balancing both the operations in order to provide convenience to itscustomers. TechnologiesBrochure-1The company is using various hardware and software technologies in order to provide excellent consulting services to its customers. The technologies used by the company include web servers, web authorizing tools, database systems, server software, and browser. The web server enables to provide

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