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Assignment On Introduction To Social Psychology

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Added on  2019-09-25

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Introduction The Social Psychology refers to the study as to how dynamically people are related to each otheraround them. As we are different from each other, so are our individual characters, personalitytraits, desires, motivations and emotions that leave us with our own social behavior. However,the behavior that we exhibit sometimes is influenced deeply by the social situation, that is, adynamic interaction of ours. Psychologists are of the view that human behavior is largelydetermined by both a person’s characteristics and the social situation. Our interactions with eachother are so profound that they create social influence that are quite capable of changing ourthought feelings and behavior (Berscheid, 1976). In the following report, we have tried to delve alittle bit deeper in order understand what was in the minds of some of the newsmakers that drovethem exhibiting a certain mind-set. Hillary Clinton’s ‘Angry’ FaceFor a past few months, American politics has been catching the eyes of people across the world.Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are generating more heat than all the other excitingnewsbreaks put together – so to speak. Recently, during a television debate, Hillary Clinton(Democratic nominee for President) apparently seemed to be perturbed while making clear heropinions to the audience. Some of the psychology experts were so engrossed in their analysisregarding Ms. Clinton’s seemingly angry or upset demean. When I pursued my own thinking, I found that, as far as women are concerned, their emotionsare caused by internal turbulences coupled with the kind of interaction that they involvethemselves in. It is widely believed that women are more emotional and empathetic, while men
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tend to be more stoic and analytical. However, studies have found no differences whatsoever.People in our society are highly inquisitive of observing stereotypes. So, when a woman deviatesfrom her so called emotional stereotype, people tend to view her as less likable as well as lesstrustworthy. This is a clear case of social prejudices that are so subtly and surreptitiouslyintertwined in our social conscious. Studies have found that whenever women express their angerin a court of law as opposed to being fearful, passive and helpless, the judges’ sentences tend tobe lighter (Sahar, 2014). So, I think this discrepancy is deeply rooted in our perceptions towardsthe so called violations of female stereotypes. Which is why, when Hillary acts as a Presidentialnominee, as people perceive it in a certain way, she should be seen as harsh and cold to be ableto woo her constituencies that she means business. However, the social theories that we studiedand applied in this case suggest otherwise. Suicide Bomber in Ansbach GermanyAn Islamic State jihadist, Mohammad Daleel was apparently a Syrian traumatized by war andwent to Germany for refuge. However, deep down in his conscience, he was driven by avengeance for the Western Powers (NATO) that he decide to carry out suicide bombing inAnsbach, Germany. It is a matter of deep extensive study on the part of psychologists andanthropologists as to what is it that drives a person towards such a situation when he tend to takesuch a drastic step of killing innocent people. Is it indoctrination, deep-rooted religious beliefs,community fear or personal insecurity that renders him an enemy of mankind? (Stout, 2002).These some of pertinent questions that the psychologists and intellectual thinkers world over aretrying to find answers of. It is one aspect when psychologists say that atrocities can heavilyinfluence the way people think and make decisions that can erode their mental health, but the
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