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Introduction:. The waste water treatment plant at Oldca

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Introduction: The waste water treatment plant at Oldcastle will built to serve the agglomeration ofOldcastle municipal co-operation Meath with the design capacity of 1500 population. Theconstruction of a new wastewater treatment plant to serve the population of the Oldcastlecommenced in upcoming year. The construction of this new plant will be completed inupcoming next year. The following calculation have been prepare as per requirement ofwastewater plant. Aim: To design an activated sludge plant for Oldcastle residencies from the total amount ofpopulation done wastewater flow. Objective: Design municipal activated sludge wastewater treatment plant for Oldcastle city through thepreliminary laboratory bacterial growth and utilising wastewater at that area. To determine the substrate utilisation and growth rates for sludge from the exponentialgrowth phase of growth. Plot data to estimate maximum specific growth rate and Ks values from flow cytometry totalcounts of bacteria, also obtain maximum BOD utilisation rates and Ks value for wastewatersamples. Methodology: rsu=kxXxS0KS+S0=S0Sθrsu=substrateutilizationrate(¿mgm3d)k=maximumspecificsubstrateutilizationS0=concentrationoflimitingsubstrateforgrowth(gm3)1 | Page

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