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Introduction There has been many policy initiatives, legislations, laws etc. that helps in dealing with the issue of air pollution in UK. But, there are loopholes and drawbacks in many of them. So, the aim of this report is todevelop a policy proposal or a legislative initiative that details the principles, standards and instruments as well as implementation strategy for action vis a vis the environmental issue of air pollution in the country UK. The proposal begins with defining the context of the problem of air pollution, and then lays the general actions and principles to deal with the issue and finally, the proposal talks about the specific instruments and budget that will be used to implement this policy in a proper manner. Problem context The environmental issue of air pollution in UKThe quality of the life of people is affected by the Air pollution, the noise that comes from the traffic, thelitter on the streets etc. When these things remain unchecked, the pollution gets built up and then the anti-social behavior gets generated. This is a very serious crime as well as a very serious issue. It has been estimated in UK that the annual cost of the noise that comes from the road transport is almost £7-10 billion and also the authorities have found that there is a link between the noise of the road traffic and the various illness that people suffer from like the heart strokes and the heart attacks (). There is a direct effect of the air pollution on the life of the people and the well-being of the people is also affected. Almost 30,000 people die each year due to the air pollution () and for the others, their life expectancy gets reduced. Not only the humans, but the biodiversity also gets affected due to the air pollution like the yield of the crops gets reduced and the climate changes, etc. The main cause of the airpollution is the emissions from the harmful pollutants and the increase in the concentration of the harmful pollutants in the environment. There are different forms of pollutants present in the air that are harmful for the life as well as for the eco-system. There is a fine particulate matter present in the air that is capable of causing the premature death and is also harmful for the cardiovascular system. This leads to increase in the admission of the people into the hospitals and more number of people start visiting the emergency wards of the hospitalsdue to the heart attacks and the heart strokes. Many people become victims of the frequent asthma attacks too. The fine particles impair the visibility of the people. These are mainly emitted from the gaseous emissions like the nitrogen oxides and the sulfur dioxide. Then, the lead pollution in the air affects the neuro system of the children and they suffer from the behavioral problems, the IQ level of the children reduces too and the adults are faced with the high blood pressure and the various heart related diseases (). Carbon monoixde which is again emitted from the vehicles is also a very harmful air pollutant that causes many respiratory and heart disease among the people. This is the main problem that the country is facing and apart from the air pollution caused by the vehicles on the road, the country is also faced with the pollution which is caused by the industries and the factories.

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