Introduction. This paper discusses about the Tap Your S

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IntroductionThis paper discusses about theTap Your Subsidiaries for Global Reach and presents the variouscontributions, strengths, and weaknesses of the case. The article begins by discussing twostrategies namely The United Nations Model and headquarters Hierarchy SyndromeContributionsThe case helps in contributing towards providing a failed strategies of the subsidiarymanagement along with the roles and responsibilities of subsidiaries. The paper helped inimparting information on how the headquarters must be shaped effectively and how therelationship should be directed. The case epitomized the poor subsidiary management by givingthe example of EMI, which was invented and brought for marketing the CAT scan could not besuccessful in capitalizing. EMI failed due to these reasons:1.)It lacked the ability to adapt towards the market preferences away from its headquarterscountry2.)It lacked the resources for scrutinizing the data and for creating responses in the worldmarket3.)It lacked the empowerment and motivation in the overseas managers of the subsidiaries.The case helped in highlighting how the companies fail because of the United Nations Modelapproach towards the headquarters Syndrome (local implementers of the decisions ofheadquarters), sub-management (symmetrical treatment for all the subsidiaries).This case helped in highlighting how the European business unit of Proctor & Gamble whichwas comprised of the Headquarters present in Brussels and other subsidiaries in various Euronations which transitioned from their failed UN Model approach towards a very fruitfulstructure. Euro brand team was created by P&G which was headed by the general manager who
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