Introduction:. This research is based on the topic of t

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Introduction:This research is based on the topic of time spend on TV by me. The data collected here is for tendays in minutes and this is an unbiased collection as I used a stopwatch. I usually watchtelevision in the evening time, so once I begin to watch television, I will start the stopwatch andannotate the minutes I spend in front of the television. This collection of data is random in nature because it was not collected purposely. I do watchtelevision daily, and hence there is no predisposition associated with the data set. However, inthe evening time I do not wait for a certain time to begin watching television. I watch certainsitcoms and shows that I record due to conflict of schedules. The data collected in first module are the values of time in minutes I spend watching television isas shown below:Day173 MinutesDay280 MinutesDay365 MinutesDay420 MinutesDay569 MinutesDay675 MinutesDay772 MinutesDay873 MinutesDay968 MinutesDay1070 MinutesFrequency distribution table of the above data:TimeFrequency20Minutes165Minutes1

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