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UMCDMW-15-1: Introduction to Business and Management

Added on - 23 Nov 2021

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Running head:Introduction to Business and Management
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Introduction to Business and Management2
Competing models of management refer to those models that attempt to explain the
competing value framework of organizational management. The organizational management
sometimes faces the management challenge of balancing between two or more important
processes that affect the operation of an organization. The competing value framework is a
model that was developed by Robert Quinn and Kim Cameron to assess the organizational
culture (Cameron & Quinn 1999). The theory of competing for value framework, in essence,
shows the interrelationship between processes that enable the organization to focus on the
internal environment or external environment. The area of focus of an organization leads to the
development of the organizational culture and often results in a balancing of two or more
competing value factors. This implies that the organizational competing value framework models
have a role in the success of an organization. The following paper, therefore, explores
organizational models on competing for value framework citing their role in the success of the
2.Models of the organizational competing value
There are many different management models of competing value frameworks that can
be used to study organizational management. Competing value framework has been described in
numerous ways or models. These models try to explain the concept of the competing value
framework theory and some of the models include organizational effectiveness model and
organizational culture model.
2.1 Organizational effectiveness
Introduction to Business and Management3
Organizational effectiveness is one of the models that attempt to explain or describe the
competing value framework. Organizational effectiveness is model that attempt to show them
how an organization organized itself that foster stability or flexibility (Modaff, DeWine &
Butler, 2011). To understand this model, the analysis of the organizational effectiveness is
conducted based on the internal emphasis on people at the expense of external focus on the
organization. The second area of focus is on the comparison of stability and control alongside
flexibility and change. Overall the model results in the development of four quadrants that
include internal process, open systems, rational goal, and human relations. These four quadrants
can be grouped into other models that interact within the organization resulting in organizational
effectiveness. Firstly, the internal process involves processes that result in stability and control
within the organization. An example includes information management and hierarchy (Hartnell,
Ou & Kinicki 2011). Secondly, an open internal system is another aspect of the competing value
framework and consists of processes that bring creativity and innovation. For example,
adaptability, growth and resource acquisition that result in inspiring people and not control.
Thirdly, the rational goal is another aspect of the organizational effectiveness that explains the
competing value framework and this is based on planning and goal setting that has an effect on
productivity and efficiency. Lastly, human relations are another aspect of organizational
effectiveness that is based on the cohesion and morale that is engraved on training and human
resource corporation (Lunenburg 2012).
2.2 Organizational culture model
Organizational culture model is another model that attempts to provide explanations to
the competing for value framework. The model shows the effects of culture in an organization
that is tied to human and organizational activities. This model embarks on the interpersonal
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