Introduction to Cyber Attacks

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PART ACOMPUTER SECURITY BREACH NOTPETYA CYBER ATTACKINTRODUCTIONCyber attacks have increased with the augmenting use of technology and thedependency on technology has been increasing so much that any attack costs millions for anyorganization or the entire country. The loss of money and time is next to impossible to repair.June 2017, a cyber attack by the name of ‘notpetya’ took place which is termed as a wiperand not a ransomware attack. The cost of the said attack is irreparable as once hit the systemdata is lost forever as the same cannot be recovered even if the victim pays ransom therebymaking it one of the most dangerous of the many cyber attacks that has occurred in the past.Europe’s many systems have been compromised by the said attack. Destruction and runningof the data is what this attack caused. To the surpsie of all, the hackers had no intention forany kind of a financial benefit. The past version of ‘petya’ was not as destructive as thepresent one and hence connoted by all as ‘wiper.’ Hence once a data lost is construed as lostforever (Henley 2017).ASSESSMENT OF THE ISSUEThereby one can say that the cyber attack which took place led to disruption foreverof the data as in other kinds of attacks one is sure to get back the lost information unlike theattack by ‘petya.’ The present form of the virus had ensured that the data once gone is goneforever and there is no way to get the same back. Ones impacted comprise of WPP,Mondelez- a food company, DLA Piper- a legal firm, Danish Shipping and Maersk who datahas been stolen and the hackers are demanding money. Petya has been found triumphant in
beating the abuse of Eternal Blue and Eternal Romance’s weaknesses in the MS Officeloaded systems (Brandom, 2017).Kaspersky Lab has confirmed that the attack has destroyed or hacked approximately2000 systems covering around a dozen countries. The said attack does not provide instantsolution to deal with and hence is connoted to be even more fatal than the WannaCry attackwhich occurred in May 2017.The virus impacts the entire hard drive and not only a particularfile or document. Hence the main intention lies halting of the entire system in totality.Pravda, a Ukranian entity has confiemd that the Chernobyl Nuclear Plant has beenimpacted by Petya, furthered by another confirmation by one of the biggest transporterglobally, Maersk that its Rotterdam system has been infected. Seventeen shipping containerterminals run by APM terminals have been infected too wherein two are stated in Rotterdamand the rest in various other parts of the world. Businesses houses have been infected in amajor way. To everybody’s surprise, the entire attacks’ initiation point is still being searchedfor even if the main threat seems to be from Ukraine (Solon, & Hern, 2017).SOLUTIONS TO PREVENT SUCH HACKSRegular updation of one’s systems is one of the most important ways to ensure thatthe organization is protected against such attacks. March’s crucial patch can be loaded whichwould help to deal with the attack successfully. The said patch would not only protect nowbut also in future along with many payloads. Anti-virus companies have also confirmed thatthey had an updated software which had the ability to detect and protect against petya.Another very common methods of safeguarding systems always is backup. Backing up offiles should be done always so that the data can be safeguarded from permanent loss(McGoogan, 2017).
It is very crucial to know that if a system is hacked by the petya virus then the modusoperandi for the said attack is such that post attacking a system, the PCs hang around for anhour before the system is rebooted again. Hence whenever the system is rebooting the usershould make a conscious effort to switch off the machines which would further helppreventing the files from getting corrupted. Reformatting of the hard drive instantly is a mustand hen the back up files should be again loaded.CONCLUSIONThus on a concluding note, it can be said the attack is one of the dangerous ever seenin the history of the cyber attacks. People had thought nothing could be worse thanWannaCry but this is way above the same. Destroying the hard drive is like a million dollarloss whose recovery may not be possible and may even lead to closing down of entities.Hence the system operators of the firms should make it compulsory to update systems andbacking up of data on a continuous basis.
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