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Introduction to digital media
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INTRODUCTION TO DIGITAL MEDIAWith technological advances digital media has given rise to the phenomenon of “social
media”, common people can now with just a click share their perspective, talent as well as
personal messages across the world. Social Media is an internet based platform which can be
used by anyone who has access of internet and a hardware device to support the system. Every
industry has gained from the facilities that social media provides. The music industry as well has
gained form this platform. Many argue that social media has changed the music industry
(Wikström, 2013). The recognition of talent and respect is something that artists all around the
world look for. With the help of social media people can connect with likeminded individuals
and develop and share music (Dewan & Ramaprasad, 2014).
One of the major advantages is the outreach of the content, awareness of the artists and
promotion. Many established as well as struggling artist choose to take the path of social media
for promotion. The social media presence of artists in platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and
Snapchat are sufficient to keep them connected with the fan. This has also changes the culture of
investing in heavy physical promotion. One of the recent incidents of promotion is the
“Reputation tour of Taylor Swift” where her marketing team used platforms with Instagram to
promote the album as well as the tour. Musicians are using the platforms to connect, learn as
well as develop valuable relation with the people who love their music (Hudson et al. 2015).
Many artists are not lucky enough to get a sponsored and producer, for these people who
want to spread their music, social media has been a great platform to be discovered. This feature
of social media has led to discovery of talents and recognition from around the world. This has
also led to a cultural exploration as well. Music is a significant part of the cultural aspect of a
society and with the help of social media any music is available for the consumption of the
people who loves music in form. The term microcelebrity is used to describe these people who
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