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CHCMGT005 Introduction to Facilitate Workplace Debriefing and Support Processes

Added on - 07 Mar 2020

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Running head: Introduction to Facilitate Workplace Debriefing and Support ProcessesIntroduction to Facilitate Workplace Debriefing and Support ProcessesName of the studentName of the universityAuthor note
1Introduction to Facilitate Workplace Debriefing and Support ProcessesPART B1.I will have been conducting the debriefing session with the two volunteersimmediately after the incident so that the victims are prevented from going into further stressand anxiety. I will have an informal discussion with the two Chinese volunteers regarding thesequence of events. I will use open-ended questions towards both of them so that they areable to freely express their feelings. I would try to help them to identify the causes and theconsequences of the event. I would try to understand the experience they had gone throughand the causes that trigger the incident. I would try to assist them so that they could recoverfrom the incident and can avoid triggering of any past memories where they faced similartype of racist behaviour.2.I would try to make sure that the session was more of an interactive where I would tryto make them feel comfortable so that they could open up to me. Open ended questions arebest suited for this as it gives opportunity for the interviewee to respond as they like andshare their experience in their own terms. An open information flow is welcomed. This willhelp them to open up to me and at the same time, they will be able to identify the causes andthe consequences of the incident.4.There are lot of risks involved with the incident, as when a person is exposed to suchsituations they tend to feel trauma of high intensity. The incident will cause a lot of physicaland mental stress, which will in turn cause the participants to feel isolated. As a result of theincidents, they may isolate themselves in the guilt of committing such acts and may takewrong steps due to the excessive mental stress they are going through. This kind of incidentnot only affects the participants but also the whole group who tend to go through a similarlevel of stress. They also may stop communicating with other people and may remembersome incident from the past, which could increase their level of trauma at that moment andaffect their health. This may affect the overall morale of the participants and there are lot of
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