Assignment on Introduction to Insurance

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Running head: INTRODUCTION TO INSURANCE1Introduction to InsuranceName:Institutional Affiliation:
INTRODUCTION TO INSURANCE2Introduction to InsuranceQuestion 1Distribution of personal insurance product is as follows:Consumers must be made aware of the existence of the product so that they can makepersonal decision about it (E-Distribution of Insurance Products,2013).Consumers should be able to freely access the information that they can use to choose theinsurance provider and confirm its regulation.Insurer should provide important information about the product such as the targetedcustomer, premiums to be paid, to the consumers to help them make well-verseddecision.Online insurance providers should guarantee the security of the information given by theconsumer.Consumer should ensure to have a copy of the application and the contract which theycan use as a reference.Consumer should be given ample time to verify their information before sending theapplication.Question 2Structure of Alberta Provincial Court System contains four divisions:Criminal Division where all accused must first appear in the provincial courtwhere a judge then decides if a person should be put in custody or await a trial(The Court System in Alberta,2017).
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