Management in Nestle Company

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Running Head: Introduction to managementIntroduction toManagement
Introduction to managementIntroductionNestle is one of the most popular brands in the market. Nestle was founded by HenriNestle in 1866 in Switzerland. The company is situated in a number of domestic andinternational markets. In the company, more than 8000 employees are involved in conducting theactivities. The organization focuses on the product development so that the commitment of thecustomers can be maximized. Nestle is known as the leader in the food processing and also inthe consumer goods industry. The organization has specialization in many products like babyproducts, ice cream, and drinks. The company focuses on its customers so that properrelationships can be maintained.Nestle was established in 1905 resulted in the merger of Anglo-Swiss milk company. Inthe terms of revenue, Nestle has been one of the biggest companies in the world. Nestle operates447 production units serving in 194 countries. Nestle means little that symbolizes safety, family,and symbol of care. The success of the company is due to the innovative products and now thecompany is one of the biggest food leading industries. The company also produces more than300 products like Maggi, Nescafe, and kit Kat. The products of the company are sold globally(Nestle, 2013).Pestle analysis of NestlePolitical factorsIt is evaluated that the organization is conducting the activities in diversified communitiesand there are many changes in rules and regulations that are faced at the time of conducting theactivities. There are many products that are offered by the organization but due to differentreasons, the products are not allowed in various countries. The organization has shown stabilityin many economies including China and India. Nestle has to follow various political changes inthe developing countries so that the activities can be conducted smoothly. Moreover, Nestleactivities are affected by the risk that arises due to the government instability.Economic factorsNestle has maintained a network of research and development and also innovativeproducts are introduced in the market. Due to changes in economic policies of different
Introduction to managementcountries the organization has to face problems in supplying its products to the consumers. It isevaluated that the customers are also aware of the change in inflation and economic growth. Dueto the change in economic policies the company set various target segments. To take a decisionrelated to price is an important factor by taking into consideration inflation rate and buyingpower. In promoting the economic worth of the farmers the company is giving focus oncontributing so that the satisfaction level of the consumers can be enhanced (Rezaeegiglo,Sadouni, Aref, Khotbesara and Eslam, 2014).Social factorsThe activities of the organization are influenced by the share thoughts and beliefs of theconsumers. The culture and lifestyle of the people induce company to offer a specific product tothe right segment. Nestle has also taken into consideration social perspective. The organizationhas considered the concept that customer changing attitude plays a major role in conducting theactivities of the organization. Now a day's people are more aware of their health and only takeinto consideration those products that are beneficial for their health. The company has made agood reputation for analyzing the behavior of the customers. Nestle is a global brand but theproduction of the product is done locally so that the quality can be maintained (Turlais, 2016).Technological factorsTechnology offers various opportunities to the company so that the new products can bedeveloped in an effective manner. Nestle take into consideration technology in conducting manyoperations of the organization like to maintain proper databases by considering software. Socialmedia has also lessened the gap between the customers and the company. Nestle considers thestate of art technology for producing various products to attain the standards globally (Ion,2015).Legal factorsNestle has to face the labor laws related to minimum wages that are fixed by taking intoconsideration provision of laws. It is evaluated that the company has to follow promotion lawsas it is the asset of the organization. Nestle has to follow the foreign trade regulations so that theproducts can be sent to other countries. This law helps to offer food and beverages to thecustomers at international and domestic level by taking into consideration rules and regulationsof the transportation products. Nestle need to follow the global regulations so that the changes
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