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BESC 1490 Introduction To Psychology | Psychopathology | Assignment

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Introduction to psychology
Introduction to psychology
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Introduction to psychology
Psychological Disorders
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Task A. Answer two (2) of the following learning objectives (~300 words)
1. Define psychopathology and explain the cultural context of
Psychopathology is considered as a study related to the phenomena abnormal
psychology, and is usually related to the study of the mental disorders (Burton L,
Westen D and Kolwaski R). In the case of psychopathology, a problematic pattern
related ot behaviour, feeling and even the thoughts were considered and further
includes mental disorders of three classes: Personality disorders, Neuroes, and
Psychoses. The patterns usually cause a considerable depressed social behaviour,
distress and considerable dysfunction, important functions and disrupted
occupational functions. (Gottesman I, n.d)
The pathology and its manifestation is usually seen to be diverse in nature across
the cultures. These context are used for deciding the behaviour the people be it
abnormal or normal. Culture is seen to affect the behaviours greatly and how they
treat others and are themselves being treated in case of the mental ill health.
(Hassim J and Wagner C 2013).
2. Outline the key symptoms of substance-related disorders, Mood
disorders and anxiety disorders
The key symptoms of substance-related disorders:
Neurological impairments like the case of driving.
The basic obligations at the work, school or family are seen to be failed in
getting fulfilled like the tardiness, absenteeism, neglecting towards the
responsibility for children etc.
Insane behaviors like quarrel, causing public disorder, physical fight etc.)
Symptoms of mood disorders
Long-term fatigue, Often sleepiness, loss of confidence, sadness, no interest,
feeling abandoned, decreased libido, hobby, thinking of death, feeling not get
sympathy etc.
Symptoms of anxiety disorders
The anxiety disorders in any patients suffering from symptoms in the body can
lead to formation of a new syndrome known as ALPIM. It stands for A:
Anxiety; L: Laxity; P: Pain; I: Immune; M: Mood.
Even when the situation occurs, there is an excessive fear in the people,
prolonged influence towards adaptation in their life, ridiculous nature
inculcation. This anxiety and fear is seen to occur even when the people to have
come out of the situation. (Rockville MD 2005)
Task B: Watch the following 5 minute video (~200 words)

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