Introduction to Statistics Assignment

Added on - Mar 2020

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INTRODUCTION TO STATISTICS2I have selected Case Study 1.a.Who or what would be the precise target population? In a couple of sentences, explainwhy you have to study a sample of the population.The target population will be the business school students in the college because thebusiness major being introduced will be for them.A sample is best fit study since it consumes less time than studying the populationsince assessing all the business students within the given time frame may beimpossible and it is easier to gather data and make inference with a sample rather thanthe population (Andrews, L. C., & Phillips, R. L. (2005)). A sample is also moreprecise because you have to deal with a smaller number which produces less errorcompared to the population. Collecting data from the entire business fraternity mayprove to be more costly than collecting from a portion of them.b.Based on the case you picked, choose one sampling method to gather data from thefour methods listed below. Explain the rationale behind your selected method.I would select stratified random sampling since it represents the whole population ofinterest. It minimizes bias in sample selection and ensures that each and everyindividual of the fraternity is given an equal chance (Brus, D. J., & De Gruijter, J. J.(1997)). Stratified random sampling also minimizes error compared to other samplingtechniques given the same population.c.Explain the step-by-step details about how you are going to put this samplingtechnique into action.Step oneIdentify the population of interest. In our case our target population is the businessstudents in the college.Step two
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