Introduction to Urban Sociology

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Running head:URBAN SOCIOLOGYUrban sociologyName of the student:Name of the University:Author note:
1URBAN SOCIOLOGYAnswer 1:Urban Growth Machine is a thesis based on urban politics, according to which the allover objective of growth unites for a whole cause of pluralistic interest. This theory states aboutthe commodification of land. The entrepreneur and the organization share an interest in localgrowth of the land, which elevates the land values (Molotch 2011).The main benefit of the Urban Growth Machine is that, it works on the way of increasingthe allover economic growth of an urban setting as it objectifies and ultimately increases theprice of the land. It ultimately increases the job placements within the city.According to Molotch (2011), growth could be considered as a liability for the localresidents financially, as it differs from the quality of life. It ultimately increases the number ofresidents, rather than improving the life style.In Jersey City, the value of land is at its high because of the urban developmenthappening there. This makes the entrepreneurs and businesspersons who want to develop theirbusiness in this city to attend the social meetings with the important representatives from the citywhose support is required for the development of the project (Malone 2017).Answer 2Louis Wirth developed his own concept of Urbanism in 1938, when huge changes werehappening in the cities as the people were moving into the city and the world was urbanizingrapidly. Wirth believed that, living in a city was the only way of modern life. He named fourdifferent characteristic of urbanismsuch as, heterogeneity, impersonality, anonymity andhomogeny of behavior (Wirth 1964).
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