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Redesigning the User Interface of Live Support Chat Window for

Added on -2019-09-23

This article discusses the re-design of the user interface of the Live Support chat window for to make it more user-friendly and attractive. It includes a use case scenario, object attribute action table, and a prototype of the re-designed interface.
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1.IntroductionUser interacts with the system like a website homepage or other internal pages through the userinterface which are designed and developed with web pages of website. The webpage of website ‘Live Support’ chat has not so user friendly user interface that usercan perform the chatting with the medical care representatives The problem of visualization,typing and posting the asked and required information such as name, email address, order ID,Initial Question etc are not so user friendly. The frames and sections are provided very well anduser friendly but no color of the typing interface for messaging during the chatting period withhealthcare executive the user was observed with the problematic situation. This problem alsorequires time by the users to perform the relative tasks associated with the webpagefunctionalities.Therefore, it is considered that to make this webpage of user friendlyby making the re-design by inclusion of some existing components and addition of additionalcomponents (Live Support. (2017). The user interface thementioned webpage should be so user friendly that provide easier interface to make chat with thehealthcare executive. So, re-design of user interface of the mentioned webpage such as ‘LiveSupport’ must be taken to make user friendly.2.Work-ReengineeringThe use case scenario for the given system with given user interface of the webpage ‘LiveSupportt’ of the website should be clear and contrast in context ofthe interactions of the users from both sides such as patient and healthcare executive. The usecase scenario is presented as follows (Live Support. (2017). user group from John Sabastein side open the homepage of in web browser by typing the domain name of website of thismedical informatics side.After loading the homepage in the browser window the user group select the ‘LiveSupport’ menu item by clicking this link.When the ‘Live Support’ is clicked by user, the webpage associated with this link isopened. The browser window containing the webpage components and user interface ispresented in figure 1.
Figure 1. ‘Live Support’ Webpage User Interface’Now user has to Fill all the asked details into the provided test boxes, So, user clickson first text box of name. The user interface of webpage of chat of ‘Live Support’Start a new chat session with representative is presented in Figure 2.
Figure 2. Webpage Chat Window User InterfaceWith presented webpage user interface redesign is required. The redesign of userinterface is defined with following changes.oThe user group from John Sabastein side typing box for posting the askedinformation in consultation frame. The central frame where the both sidestyped information displayed is reversed. It means that user typed informationdisplayed first with name and then typed information. The healthcareexecutive name and asked information must have to left align.Above changes improve the user interface of the given webpage ‘Live Support’ to start a Newconsultation for this medical informatics website.2.2 The Essential use case for the user group is defined as ‘Start and Finalize the chat processwith representative’. This use case includes all the user interaction with the system that providesthe user to consult the representative to get the order information such as medicine and support(Stone, D, 2005). The detailed justification of this specified use case is as follows.User selects the existing menu item ‘Live Support’.User Selects first text box to feed nameUser selects second text box to feed email address
User selects third text box to feed order IDUser select last text box to feed information related with product and medicineorderedUser type box and post button is already displayed in consultation frame pan and usertypes the name and click on start chatUser types the need questionRepresentative replies and window shows the answersRepresentative directs the user to login interfaceIf user has login information then user has to login by userID and passwordUser logins and a new window with specialist will be opened for consulting withonline doctor.The all conversation between user and healthcare executive or specialist are displayed in sameframe pan of the window. The user name and information and the representative answers aredisplayed left aligned with same frame pan of window at top position in a order one after another(Stone, D, 2005). This use case all the tasks are layered one after another and assigned after finish of top layered tojust below till end of the chat with the representative of Design3.1The concrete use case corresponding to the essential use case is “Make chatting withrepresentative”. This concrete use case provides the interactions of the user group with thesystem of “Live Support” of with the specialist to get finalizedopinion about the ordered products by the users. The task objects of this defined concrete use case “Make chatting with Representative” aredefined by following points.User has to open the website has to find out the “Live Support” and then click on the link of “Live Support”.User has to wait till the “Live Support” linked page opened and another window.User has to fill name.User has to fill email addressUser has to fill order IDUser has to fill the product information at last. When new window opened with as chat window , user has to click on the link of sendthe typed information. After clicking on send button chat session page the typed information of userdisplayed at the top of the window with user name.Similarly, user can chat with typing and posting the information to the system andrepresentative replies all the questions asked by the users simultaneously.3.2Object, attribute action table for the primary task objects from concrete use case is definedwith the following table 1.

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