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Project Management Plan for Celebrity Party

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Added on  2019-09-22

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Plan a big party for a wealthy celebrity with a project management plan including PBS, WBS, and critical path analysis. Hire staff, design a pop-up hall, select live band and DJ, catering, security, and photographer.
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Introduction:You are planning a big party in 2017 for a wealthy celebrity, coincidentally, it is to beheld on the same day as your Birthday.Task:1x Microsoft Project File with your project schedule.1x Report containing a PBS and WBS, and a brief explanation of any ManagementDecisions you had to take(e.g. did you have to hire more staff? Why? What effect would this have in reality?Did you run into any issues with the software?).The report needs to cover:1Your priorities...which is most important? Time, cost or quality? Why? (1 or 2Paragraphs).2PBS.aMakes you think through the assignment/client requirements in detail.bMakes you list out exactly what is required to make up the assignment.cIs used for Costing (more on this in later years)3WBS.aIt makes you plan through the entire project, and determine exactly what jobs are needed.bIt used for costing and allocation of resources (staff, material, tools, etc).cIt is the first step in making a Project Gantt Chart...4Identification of the Critical Path.aThe Critical Path is the sequence of jobs/tasks which have zero float.bFloat is spare time after the project. i.e. If a task has float, then a small delay in completing thattask does not effect the delivery time of the whole project.cANY delay in a Critical Path activity will delay the whole project.5A summary of the decisions you had to make to get the project to work withoutconflict (with reference to specific tasks). (1 or 2 Paragraphs).6Length2-3 pagesProcess & Consideration:A)The party will need 1:1A bespoke ‘pop-up’ hall that must be designed, built, transported, and erected at thevenue (the Celebrity’s garden).2A live band must be advertised for, interviewed, selected, and a contract signed.3A DJ must be advertised for, interviewed, selected, and a contract signed.4Catering: Various catering companies are expected to ‘audition’ for the job with a‘taste-test’. Food will be prepared off site for the party and transported to the venue.B)The Party will need 2:
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