Impact of Oppression on Character Development : Essay

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INTRODUCTORY PARAGRAPH Introductory phrases This essay will illustrate the profound impact of oppression on the character development of the main characters. Oppression exist and appear inmany forms in society, generally speaking, the ruling class or dominating class exert detrimental pressure on the lower class, leading to socialdisturbance and cause great harm physically and psychologically to the victims. . Directional sentences (9 lines) Three Day Road by Joseph Boyden depict a story in which two aboriginal young people went to the Europe to fight for their country. When theyembark on a new journey, get into the white’s world, they need fight with the enemy but also internal enemy is more challenging. Joseph Boyden, whohas half-blood of aboriginal, with several relatives in the army at that time, has the direct life experience with the soldiers in the front. The war is not toproduce the hero in this novel, the depressing mood permeate through the whole book. it is a war field of powerless, marginalization and violencecaused by his own people, which even worse and invisible but hurtful and haunting every day in your life. Thesis statement (5 lines) The bad atmosphere, the dream broken, the ambition cannot be fulfilled, being exposed to the brutality and unfairness , being curbed, being shockedto accept the death and devastating life have great impact on the characters of Xavier, Elijah and Niska. Before the war, they are quite normal personskilling time by hunting and busy with surviving, throughout the war, Xavier escape the death slightly, Elijah was killed by his close friend, Niska wasthrown into the harsh reality. All ends with tragedy. When the soldiers went to the front full of passion for fight for their country, whey they end up withsuch a tragedy. The root reason is that the ruling class, whites exploit them, discriminate them and force them to the bottom of the society by violence,by racism.
Body paragraph 1st Argument (culture imperialism) Topic sentenceOne of the oppression is called cultural imperialism. it can take various and subtle form. Such as mocking someone over a small action,humiliating your faith and your race with coarse language, or impose your culture value and customs on you without any option. It signified thedimensional process of control over those who are conquered. when one nation or one race was invaded by other nations more powerful ormore aggressive, the first thing the invader will do is to eliminating the culture, the faith and customs. They do this by humiliating them, byforcing them to abandon their own language or dress customs. They think themselves as master, can use any violence to force peopleimmersed in their culture. Those who are invaders are subject to any penalty and they are too weak to protest. The most effective way is toeducate the kids in the school in a rude and commanding way. When a person never can feel proud of who he is and never can take pride intheir own race and culture, he lost the identity and sink into the state of self-inferior. Concluding sentenceAny civilization is unique and is the valuable assets of human history, worth maintaining and inherited. Aboriginal people is never inferior towhites. They are very rich in culture. For each individual like Xavier, they will experience this and feel deep pain. These image, like the bones ofdead body, keep haunting to him. He therefore lives in a very constant fear of being abused even he has finished school days. His is inward,less talkative and even a little narrow minded with resentment, all comes from these horrible memories, these hurting are scars engraved in hisbody and mind, aching each moment. His character of being depressive is shaped by his experience. 2nd Argument (marginalization) Topic sentence Another form of oppression is demonstrated in this book is marginalization, it refers to the dominating group try to push the aboriginal people to

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