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Running head: INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISMInvestigative JournalismName of the Student:Name of the University:Author Note:
1INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISMIntroduction:The report aims at providing an insight into journalism since mid 1900. The discussiontherefore focuses on the how journalism became more dangerous during the middle of the 1900by taking into account the standing of the reporters and the developments in the reporting. Inpresent times, there has been a change in the aspect of journalism due to the change in thestructure of the businesses that constrains and sustains it. In present times, people access thenews in different manner and via the different platform that ranges from radio, print andtelevision to the various mobile applications. With the emergence of the developments in thereporting journalism has also become more dangerous with the passage of time. Journalism putsforward the need for in depth research into a particular topic. The primary purpose of journalismlies in exposing something for inciting changes. The stories mainly relates to the crime,corruption, abuses and the financial crimes. The report tries to provide a deeper overview of howjournalism is gradually becoming dangerous from the perspective of the development inreporting.History of JournalismAccording toHoffman (2014), the history of the journalism or development oftransmission and the gathering of the news spans around the technology and trade growthmarked by the emergence of the specialized techniques for dissemination and gathering ofinformation on a constant basis. This led to the steady enhancement in the scope of newsavailability and the speed of its transmission. Before the invention of the printing press theprimary sources of the news has been the word of the mouth. Returning sailors, merchant and thetravelers often brought news that spread from town to town. During the 15thand the 16thcentury,
2INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISMEngland and France, published long news account known as the relations. It was during the 1600the idea of the printing press emerged in Germany and the national governments of England andFrance started printing the newsletters. It was during the 17thcentury that the newsletters werepublished through the established channels (Díaz-Noci 2013). The newspaper has always been aprimary medium for the journalist during the 18thcentury, the television and the radio during the20thcentury and the internet during the 21stcentury. With developments in the styles ofjournalistic reporting, journalism has gradually become more unsafe. The reporting stylesinclude objective reporting, interpretative reporting, investigative reporting and crime reporting.Journalism and the Unsafe EnvironmentJournalist unlike the past is more progressive these days but the worrying patterns lies inthe eroding freedom of press that has led to the violence against the journalists, ownershipconcentration and the repressive legislation that has put strain on freedom, safety and thejournalistic independence. According toDanilevskii and Woodburn (2013), in Europe, thewidespread threat for the safety of the journalist remains in the police violence against thejournalists undertaking any demonstrations. This issue was prevalent during the Gezi event inrelation to the Turkish government where the police made use of excessive force against thejournalist and the demonstrators who were not only injured but also faced equipment damage(Kaymas 2014). In Ukraine, too there were also heightened tensions during February where closeto hundred journalists faced the attack with usage of rubber bullets and stun grenades (Nygren etal. 2018). Even some journalist were not only beaten but also shot in the face or the eye. Duringone of the demonstrations, a journalist shot lethally in chest by some unknown thugs. SinceFebruary 2013, Europe reported the death of close to five journalists. In Bosnia, the policetreated some of the television operators and journalist tried to cover the demonstrations against
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