IoT Threats to Database Security


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IoT threats to database security
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The term IoT refers to the internet of thing which is an advanced level of
information communication technology. IoT technology provides a platform to connect
physical devices like hardware, computer devices, and mobile devices with electronic
systems. In the last three years, this technology is suffering from security threats and
risks due to consumers and organizations lost their private databases and files. The
objective of this research is to analyse the concept of IoT in database security and
describe the threats and risks associated with IoT technology. This paper focuses on the
impact of the internet of things threats and vulnerabilities on the security of the
database and techniques to improve the privacy of the consumer's database. It is
identified that there are various kinds of threats occur in the IoT which reduce and
block the database or computer devices of consumers such as malware, authentication
networks, insecure web interface, and phishing attack and so on. Recent investigation
about the IoT threats and security suggested that there are few other security threats
that occur due to the consumer on the internet of things such as cyber reconnaissance,
brute force attack on passwords, controlled attack, ransomware attack, and DoS attack.
This study shows the IoT threats and risks associated with the database security
systems and analysis their impact on private data files. It is recommended that
consumers and companies can adopt the encryption, cryptography, firewall software
and robust technique in order to reduce the threats of IoT security and improve the
privacy of personal database system.
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