Essay About Iron Jawed Angels

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IRON JAWED ANGELS2Essay oneFor a long-time, there was a constant debate on whether women should be allowed tovote or not. Eventually, the campaign travailed and all people who are considered adultsincluding women are allowed to vote. In different ways, this right has impacted on the identityof women and also redefined the gender roles in some ways hence changing the way women areperceived in the society.Through the movieIron Jawed Angels, it is evident that women went through a lot beforethey were allowed to vote. One of the most famous quotes in the text is that saying“oranges inwomen is often mistaken for insanity”and this refers to the mental state of Alice as she keeps onto protest in prison and more so goes on hunger strike. The suffrage movement was a doorwaythat has helped many women in the society today perform beyond there expectations (Garnier etal ,2004). To begin with, in the social setting, women have been permitted to join university andtrain to become professionals even though their numbers remain less as compared to men. Themen controlled occupations such as law, medicine, and more so the business world has receivedan almost equal share of both men and women. To add on this a bunch of new institutions withinthe society has been authored by women which are a great milestone. The producer of the movieworked to show that women are much more resilient and through this they have been able tosecure their place in the society(Hooks, 1988).Economic roles for women have also greatly enhanced and this is because there are moreeducational opportunities. Having more meaningful careers has increased the salaries earned bywomen unlike in the previous days when they couldn’t vote. This has established them makingthem much more independent from men unlike before.
IRON JAWED ANGELS3The producer of the movie refers to suffrages as angels and this phrase mainly worked toto prove that they weren’t angelic little darlings but fiery fighters who were bodily asserting abasic human right. The resistance that is portrayed by women in the movie while fighting fortheir right to vote is incredible and shows a lot of strength (Garnier et al ,2004). In the aftermathwomen have gained high levels of political power and they are able to vie for various sits like themen. This is evidenced even by the fact that Hillary Clinton a former contestant in the Americanpresidential race was a woman. Women continue to grow their opportunities within the societyand more so have aimed more influenced over the years. By most of the women being able torise in the political arena, they have worked to create more opportunities for their counterparts(Hooks, 1988).As a result of this, the gender roles of women in the society have greatly changed overtime within the people. Instead of staying in the house and taking care of the family needslimited to home chores, most women are found in the workplace. This then shows that theidentity of women has changed since it is often described using gender roles. Instead of beingseen as weak and fragile, they are identified as strong beings that can content for their own cause(Hooks, 2000).
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